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The perimeter is distance around the outside of a shape, calculated by adding the length of all sides together. This can be calculated using addition or multiplication with addition. For example: You have a rectangle that is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. You can find the perimeter by adding 4 ft + 4 ft+ 6 ft + 6 ft = 20 ft or multiplying (4 ft x 2 ft) and (6 ft x 2ft ) and then adding these together 8 ft + 12 ft = 20 ft.


Your mission is to discover fun ways to calculate perimeters and discover the importance of perimeters in daily life. Groups of two students will explore varying items and areas around the classroom to discover the perimeters of each. Groups will explore the uses of perimeter in daily life. How is it used? What are some purposes of perimeter? You will present your findings to the class.


  • Math Journal
  • Pencil
  • Ruler and tape measure
  • Tablet
  • Presentation materials of your choice

Mathematical calculations: Groups of 2 will locate 3 small items and 3 large items or areas around the classroom to take measurements and calculate the perimeter of each in inches or centimeters.

Independent Research: Each group will conduct research about the uses of perimeter in daily life. You will provide 4 examples of how perimeter can be used in your daily life in your math journals.

Technology Integration: Use your tablet to open Minecraft in creative mode. You will create 4 objects with different perimeter. Use the sign tool to label each object and it's perimeter.

Class presentation: You will develop a presentation of all the processes that you have completed.


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Bridgette Spurlock


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