Louisiana purchase By:Amaiya Verra

What was the Louisiana Purchase and what country's were involved in the deal?

  • The Louisiana Purchase¬†was the acquisition of the Louisiana territory by the United States From France in 1803.There were 11 states involved in the Louisiana Purchase. The states involved were Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Oklahoma.What was the significance, or importance, of the Louisiana Purchase?

What was the significance, or importance, of the Louisiana Purchase

  • The Louisiana Purchase is important because it gave the U.S. control of the Mississippi River and the port city of New Orleans, both of which were used by farmers to ship their crops and get paid.

Why was the Louisiana Purchase considered a bargain?

  • The Americans thought that Napoleon might withdraw the offer at any time, preventing the United States from acquiring New Orleans, so they agreed and signed the Louisiana Purchase Treaty on April 30, 1803. On July 4, 1803, the treaty reached Washington, D.C.

Why were the French willing to sell this land?

  • France was willing to sell the Louisiana Territory because Napoleon decided that it was too expensive to try to hold such a vast amount of land in the western hemisphere, and he needed the money for an upcoming war with England.

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