Journey By Lucia k


The grass crunched under his paws as Jay walked through the forest. He carried a rabbit in his jaws as his hunting party followed him as they returned to camp.

“Alpha will be very pleased with our hunt!” Barked a brown and white wolf named Thorn. “I don’t think anyone will go hungry tonight, even Omega!” Jay smiled at Thorn’s enthusiasm. Thorn was the most cheerful wolf in the pack and he always found a way to make another wolf happy. Jay flicked his ear in amusement.

“Better than we’ve done the past Sun Journeys.” Snow, another wolf in Jay’s hunting party, mumbled. Thorn slowed his pace so he was walking next to snow.

“We still did a great job though!” Thorn told him. Snow let out a sigh and quickened his pace, trying to avoid Thorn. Thorn also quickened his pace, unphased by Snow’s grumpy attitude.

“Those two are at it again like always, huh?” Jay turned his head to see his litter-sister, Robin. Even though they were littermates, they didn’t exactly look identical. Robin had a reddish, brownish pelt with a black stripe running down her back and her entire tail was also black. She had a few white markings here and there but not as much as Jay did. Jay had a light grey coat and he also had a large, bigger than Robin’s, dark gray stripe running down his back as well. It only covered the upper half of his tail. He has a white tail tip, belly, chest, paws, and ears.

“Yea.” Jay replied. “I honestly don’t know how Thorn can stay that cheerful.” He looked behind him to see Thorn being Thorn and Snow being a grump like usual.

Robin smiled as they watched the two. “I don’t know eit-” Robin began but she was interrupted by a loud crack and seconds after the crash a large thump came that shook the ground beneath their paws a bit. They all stopped in their tracks, looking confused and nervous. Even Thorn has stopped, his usual happy expression gone.

“What…” Thorn started. “What was that?” None of them had an answer for the brown and white wolf. They all just stood still.

Finally Jay spoke, breaking the unsteady silence. “We should get back.” They all nodded their heads and they continued back to camp, their pace quickening

After five minutes of walking, they finally reached camp. Jay stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell over their camp. The gigantic tree that grew not far from their camp laid on it’s side in the middle of their camp.

“What in the name of the Spirit Wolves happened here?” Robin mumbled what he was thinking. He couldn’t answer her question, even he didn’t really know what happened. Jay was frozen in shock.

“Jay! There you are.” A voice called to Jay from the right side of him. It only took him seconds to recognize the black pelt of their Beta. Jay set down the rabbit he had in his jaws onto the ground with Snow, Thorn, and Robin doing the same. He looked back up at Beta who was just a few tail lengths away from him.

“What happened?” He asked Beta as she approached him. She had a worried expression on her face as her gaze met Jay’s.

“The Owl Tree fe-” Beta had started but was interrupted by a growl from Snow.

“We can see that!” Snow growled but instantly realized that he had growled at their Beta. The white wolf slipped back, his head low in apology.

“We are all a little shaken by this Snow.” Beta told him, her voice gentle. “Alpha has decided that we should leave camp. The Owl Tree is too big to move and it would only make staying here harder.” Jay looked past Beta to see the rest of the pack crowded around Alpha. Jay started walking over to his Alpha to hear what his plans were.

“We’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning,” Alpha told the wolves surrounding him, his voice loud and clear. They all stayed quiet, nodding their heads. Alpha then turned his head and his gaze fell over Jay and his hunting party.

“Oh good, you’re back.” Alpha barked. Alpha turned around so he was looking straight at Jay. “What did you bring back?” Alpha looked at the pile of prey he and his hunting party had made. It contained three rabbits, two thrushes, and two gigantic rats. Alpha looked pleased.

“You did well Jay, thank you.” Alpha praised Jay. Jay couldn’t help but be surprised. Alpha didn’t praise anyone often so it was always highly appreciated when he did. Jay bowed his head in thank you.

“I’m sorry that we couldn’t have made it back sooner.” Jay told him. “When we heard the Owl Tree fall, we were only near the rabbit burrows.” Alpha looked at him.

“It is fine Jay. No one was hurt, just a bit shaken.” Alpha said to Jay. “Maybe if you hunting party had returned a few moments before now then maybe something awful could have happened. But everything is fine right now.” Jay blinked at Alpha. He respected Alpha and trusted his word so if he said that it was a good thing his hunting party had returned when it did, he trusted him.

“Of course Alpha.”

By early morning everyone was up. It wasn’t easy sleeping the night before. Every wolf was worried that about the Owl Tree and other things happening. The Owl Tree had also landed on a den so the wolves who slept in their had to sleep in the other dens. Alpha now was instructing everyone.

“Beta and I will stay in the front while the patrol wolves stay on the left side of the group and the hunting wolves stay on the right side.” Alpha instructed him. Jay listened to every word Alpha and Beta had to say, the other wolves did the same. “Sun will be in the middle with her pups and Omega will be in the back.” Alpha looked around at the camp, branches and leaves laid everywhere. Alpha signaled to everyone that they were leaving. Alpha’s plan was to go along the rushing river to the edge of their territory where a small hollow laid not far out of their scent markers.

The pack followed Alpha and Beta as the approached the Rushing River. Every wolf had stayed in the formation they were told. Jay’s litter-sister, Robin, walked next to him. Her reddish, brownish pelt glowed as the sunlight from above shined through the trees. Jay admired his sister. She walked confidently next to him and held her head high as they approached the Rushing River. By the time that they were walking next to the Rushing River, they only walked two or three tail lengths from the edge. At the corner of his eye he saw a flash of white. He recognized it as Snow as the wolf got closer to the river edge. A flash of fear went through Jay as he watched Snow get dangerously close to the edge. Alpha seemed to notice as well and he barked at Snow.

“Get away from the edge!” Snow was surprised by Alpha’s sudden warning and he misplaced a paw. Snow stumbled into the river but not completely. Snow scratched at the rocks next to the river, trying to get a hold of something to pull himself up. The whole pack had stopped now and they were all staring at Snow. Without warning Jay scrambled down to Snow. He scented the fear scent coming from Snow as he grabbed the white wolf’s scruff. It only took him seconds to pull Snow onto the rocks.

“Are you ok Snow?” Jay panted. Snow let out a small whimper. Jay nudged Snow onto his feet and they returned to where the pack was.

“That was foolish Snow!” Alpha growled. “What were you thinking?!” Snow lowered his head. Alpha waited for an answer.

“I just wanted to see what it was like by the edges. I didn’t think I would actually fall in.” Snow whined. “I’m glad Jay was there to help me” Snow looked up at Jay. He knew that Snow didn’t mean for this to happen and that he was very grateful for what Jay had done. Jay had only responded on his quick instincts to help a packmate.

“Yes. You are very lucky.” Alpha growled. “Now come on, we need to keep moving.”

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