lunar and solar eclipses by Hunter Wagner

This is a solar eclipse. It is also a full eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks out the sun. This can only occur during a full moon. This is a natural phenomenon that can be very dangerous .

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into it's shadow. Length depends on the location of the moon. Most of the time the moon is red and is referred to as a blood moon. Unlike solar eclipse the lunar eclipse is safe to watch.

Why do we not have a eclipse every month?

This happens because earth's orbit around the sun is not on the same plane as the moon's orbit around earth

What is a umbra and a penumbra

A umbra is the complete or perfect shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the direct light from the source of illumination is completely cut off.

A penumbra is the partial or imperfect shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the light from the source of illumination is only partly cut off.


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