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The Book This Blog is Based on

Dangers - 4/6/17

What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers?

Some of the many danger I see if I was on this island could be that we could run out of food which is not likely to happen because there are fruit trees which will continue to regrow. Another danger on this island is even though there are rules not to kill there is always going to be that person. The island could always burn down because they might let the fire that is supposed to rescue them get out of hand and burn down the island or at least some of it.

Character list - 4/7/17

Create a list of characters and add details about them using textual evidence.

Ralph - fair (8), 12 years old (10), arrogant (didn't ask Piggy his name (11))

Piggy - fat (8) Asthma (9) Glasses (9) - Dead

Jack - In charge of the choir (23)

Simon - Member of the Choir (22), skinny (24) , Black hair (24), nonchalant (24) Blue eyes (48) - Dead

Samneric - Both are bullet headed (19), twins (19) chunky (19)

Roger - Furtive boy (22), inner intensity of avoidance (22), secretive (22), Mostly silent (22).

Percival Wemys Madison - has seizures (87, 88)

Rules - 4/10/17

  1. Travel in Pairs - Broken
  2. Don't go out at night - Broken
  3. Share All Resources - Broken
  4. Clean Up after yourself - Broken
  5. Communicate Effectively - Broken
  6. Do your job - Broken
  7. Do NOT kill each other - Broken, Three Times

The 7th rule is the most important because when you ( the group) gets rescued the person that killed them will have to explain to the persons (the dead kid) parents why they killed them. The 7th is also the most important rule because, in my opinion, it's just not okay to kill someone, however, it is okay to kill animals (it says so in the Bible) but not to kill humans.

Theme - 4/12/17

One of the themes of this novel is survival. Explain why the setting of this story adds to or contributes to the theme.

The setting of this book is very important because if we did not know the setting we wouldn't know what the island looked like. The setting contributes to the theme in that there on an island and they don't know when they will be rescued, the reader needs background info or the setting to know how they are going to be rescued. Let's say that if the reader didn't know what the setting was what we just read would not make sense because we would know where the mountain is but when the reader does know it helps them understand where things on the island are.

Foreshadowing - 4/25/17

An island to show that this is not a good island

Ralph has said, “This is a good island” (Golding 35). Ralph’s pronouncement will prove ironic; it is definitely NOT a good island. What problems do readers already know about? Explain why these problems prove this is NOT a good island after all.

The problems the reader already know about are that they burned have the island and that it's very difficult for them to hunt for pigs. The problems prove that this is not a "good island" because if the hunters don't get good at hunting then everyone on the island is in trouble because you can't really just live off fruit and water you need meat. Another problem is that there could be a beast and no one really likes beasts everyone scared and even worse they can't find it, this proves for sure that this is not a good island because there is something the island that wants to kill them (maybe).

Symbolism - 4/26/17

Smoke because in this case it SYMBOLIZES rescue.

Symbols are physical things that represent abstract ideas. The following are some of the symbols from the novel The Lord of the Flies.

Temptation - Meat

Isolation - Island

Law & Order - Conch

Democracy - Platform

Rescue - Smoke

Anonymity - Painted Faces

Goodness - Simon

Civilization - Piggy

Piggy's Glasses - Survival

Piggy's Broken Glasses

The Beast - 4/28/17

Describe the Beast that seems to be stalking the island. Use the text as backup for your info.

The beast that seems to be stalking the island was creeping in the dark of night outside the shelter and in the trees but specifically creeping near the things hanging down from the trees. Shortly after Percival explained what he saw in the night, Simon explained to everyone that "the beast" was actually just him going out at night, breaking two rules, and going to his place under the rocks and vines.

Society on the Island - 5/1/17

Name at least two things the boys are doing or have given up doing that show how they are now operating on instinct and no longer trying to follow the rules of society. Explain your answers with information from the text.

The bathroom is a perfect example because in society you're supposed to go to a specific place such as a restroom and they designated one place on the island to go there but now they really just go anywhere. Another good example is the water in the coconuts Ralph said someone needed to bring water in coconuts back and forth so they didn't have to drink out of the river but that stopped on like the 5th day after he said that, now they just drink out of the stream which is not like in society.

Choosing Sides - 5/4/17

Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of (insert name here).

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today because someone (glares at casket) couldn't stay alive long enough and had to be first.

Kinda not a phrase but its cool when before someone dies they write something for someone to read at their funeral

In my opinion the phrase Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today because someone (glares at casket) couldn't stay alive long enough and had to be first. It is the most important because it brings comical relief. This is important because funerals are sad. The phrase also helps to lighten the mood and the sadness of death. This phrase is also good because even if you're one of those people like me that think it's awkward to mourn people and you want people to be happy at your funeral but not because your dead but happy because I survived life.

Effects of the Beast - 5/8/17

Choose a character, either Ralph or Jack and explain the effect seeing the Beast has on the character you have chosen. Use textual information to support your answer.

In William Golding's Novel Lord of the flies, Ralph has this effect of seeing the beast. This effect is so great that he is about to pass out "...the top of the mountain was sliding sideways..." (Golding 123). As seen in that quote Ralph is just about to pass out from all the fear that was built up from climbing the mountain and being just feet away from the beast.

"...the top of the mountain was sliding sideways..." (Golding 123).

What happened to Simon - 5/10/17

There layed simons dead body

Retell in your own words what has happened to Simon. Use textual evidence to help you create a vivid paragraph.

It is important to be able to retell what you just read in books because it proves that you know what's going on. In William Golding novel Lord Of The Flies the boys were chanting a phrase that they think will stop the upcoming rain as seen in this "A circling movement developed and a chant" (Golding 151). Then after they all take their spears they start chanting "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" (Golding 152). After they all chant a while Simon comes in and tries to tell everyone that the "beast" is actually just a person but the group does not see Simon they see a dark figure that looks like the beast they believe in. "The circle became a horseshoe." ( Golding 152). "The beast stumbled into the horseshoe" (Golding 152). Then they Killed the beast which was Simon the Whole time. "At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, lept on the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore" (Golding 153). "...and already its blood was staining the sand" (Golding 153).

"At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, lept on the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore" (Golding 153).

Groups - 5/11/17

In life people create groups. These groups might be at school, in sports, in extracurricular activities, and through religious organizations. Explain what needs groups fill for people. Explain both the positive and negative aspects of being part of a group. You may relate this to our novel, or you may make it a person reflection of your own experience.

Groups fill many things for a person such as popularity depending on the group. But overall being in a group is a positive thing, because everyone in my opinion needs to be part of some activities because it gives human interaction. Also you may never know that person may not have a lot of friends and needs to make some friends and being in a group is the best way. Being in a group can be negative because in a lot of social groups especially someone may think that they need to be in a cool kid group for some reason to feel popular but that's unhealthy and bad for the subject. This is seen especially when the group says that the need to perform so ritual or do something illegal and that brings it in hazing which is definitely negative. Overall being in a group can be both positive and negative it just depends on what you do in the group.

Castle Rock - 5/12/17

“Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”

Using this quote, take a stand. Pick a side and explain why your decision is best on this island here at the end of Chapter 11. Don’t forget to use textual evidence to support your answer.

I would choose to have rules and agree because I really for one don't like killing things and i'm not so good at hunting. I would also choose this because agreeing is the most important part. If a whole group does not agree on something then what's the point of even trying to make rules. But on this island I would still choose to have rules and agree because some rules like don't go out at night and travel in pairs of two are important because it affects your life. If you choose to break said rules then you're really only hurting yourself. Like when Jack tells his group to do something they do it (mostly because of fear) he has that power. "Jack glanced back at Ralph and then the twins. 'Grab them' " (Golding 178). In that quote you see jack has power in the rules he has. Rules are important because without them no one would listen to Jack.

A picture is worth a thousand words 5/16/17

Choose a picture and a quote from the book and add it to your blog. For the text (7-9 sentences), explain why you chose the picture and the caption to summarize your experience with the book.

The Island on Fire

I chose this picture because it shows how far Jack was willing to go to kill Ralph. "They had smoked him out and set the island on fire" (Golding 197). Jack did all of this with his hunters just to find and kill Ralph. But then at the end of the book we see that Ralph takes responsibility for the whole thing "...'Who's the boss here?' 'I am,' said Ralph loudly" (Golding 201). The fact that Jack went through all this trouble to find and kill Ralph just so he would be the only ruler on the island but, then just stop caring when a grownup gets there is just amazing. In my Point of view it looked like Jack was just a bit scared because he's the one that killed Piggy and Simon and he thought that the grownups might punish him severely because of that. Its funny to think that this all started, with a beast.

A Final Letter - 5/17/17 - Final Post

Today’s assignment requires you to write a letter to a student who will be in my class next year and this novel and your opinion about the following items

  • What did you think about the novel?
  • Explain how you best enjoyed the novel: the British man, reading on your own, or me reading.
  • The Adobe Spark Blog
  • Any additional information you would like to include

When I was Reading this book I first of all was excited because Mrs. Lyda has good taste in books, I was also wondering if anything could be as good as The Outsiders. But after reading this book cover to cover I was left surprised because I finally found a book that is equal in greatness as The Outsiders. What i enjoyed most about reading this book was listening to Mrs. Lyda read, I really just don't know what she does but she makes the book come alive, the pauses the was she reads each character. But hearing the British man read is fun because I get to hear how they read things over there "'My asthma-' The response was mechanical 'Sucks to your ass-mar'" (Golding 162). But what i most enjoyed was The Blog, Adobe Spark is just the best program for this. I liked when Mrs. Lyda would give us another assignment and we would have to back in the book and find textual evidence, I like this because it helped me understand the book more "You never step in the same river twice" (Lyda). The best part in the book was when the two groups split up and went their separate ways "Jack cleared his throat again 'I'm not going to be a part of Ralph's lot..." (Golding 127). I like this part in the book because it's when Jack finally gets pushed to the limit and walks away. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

- Joey Stills

Before The End

The first pig Jacks group killed together
Pigs KIlled - 3 Total of Deaths - 3
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