Implant method Emanuel & Esmeralda

Female uses this method

Progestin thickens the mucus on cervix which stops sperm from swimming through to your eggs.

You use the implant method by inserting it under your skin.

You need prescription for this implant method

This method has no STI protection

The implant method cost between $0-$800 per month

This method works 99.95% highly effective

This method is compared to Sterilization and IUD

Adavantages! Safe to use while breast feeding, can be use by smokers over 35, less menstrual bleeding.

Disadvantages! Using condoms to prevent infections, your period is way lighter, irregular spotting.,,

True or False? Does this method protects you from STI/Infections

True or False? Is this method 99.95% highly effective.

How long does implant method protects against sexually transmitted infections? A. 2months B. 3years C. No STI protection

How do you use implant method? A. Insert skin B. Take a pill C. Go to clinic

How does implant work to prevent pregnancy? A. Prevent ovulation B. Thickens mucus on cervix C. All of above

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