Creating My Syllabus A Reflection

Hello! My name is Elena Zablah, I am a master student in the Adult Education and Human Resource Development program at Florida International University.

" It is what we think we know that keeps us from learning."-Claude Bernard

This is a reflection on the course syllabus that I have created for a Critical Thinking class as part of an assignment in the Teaching Methods course.

The Purpose:

Other than the syllabus being created as a course assignment, I was motivated to create the syllabus for a course I am being offered to teach at my place of employment.

The Process:

I first gathered syllabi from previous critical thinking courses taught at the university I work in for formatting, assignment ideas, and wording. After creating a template, I picked up the book I chose to use for the course and began trying to come up with ideas as to how I would put the course together in a way that would allow learning and an understanding of the ideas I would like to convey.

After figuring out what assignments I would create, the grading, outcomes, and objectives I began working on the syllabus until I did what I felt (at the time) was a completed project.


The syllabus created was not my best work and I knew it. I am not a big fan of making excuses so I will just admit that I did not put in as much effort into it as I should have. There were portions of the syllabus I did not complete properly due to lack of research on my part.

The feedback received did give me a wake up call that just because I have looked at a lot of syllabi, did not mean that I have actually really ever LOOKED at the syllabi. I needed to do research (maybe follow the syllabi example for the course the assignment was for-whoops!) and really pay attention to every detail. I am embarrassed, to say the least, but it definitely made me think about the quality of instructor I would like to be and how my work did not reflect that. The assignment taught me on more levels than the assignment may have been intended to teach.

Thank You for Reading!

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