Profile THIS Racial profiling in modern america

At its core, racial profiling is about racism and stereotypes and assuming the worst of people based on a biased perception of reality that is then projected and multiplied, affecting and endangering everyone of that same race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. -Keith Rushing, Earthjustice

Racial profiling affects a wide array of communities of color.

More than 240 years of slavery and 90 years of legalized racial segregation have led to systemic profiling of blacks in traffic and pedestrian stops. - ACLU

"Hands up, don't shoot", or simply "hands up", is a slogan and gesture that originated after the August 9, 2014 shooting of Michael Brown. The slogan was adopted at protests against police violence.

Since September 11, 2001, members of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities have been profiled by airline personnel, federal law enforcement, and local police. -ACLU

Islamophobia is closed-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims.
“Random” checks in airports are most commonly targeted towards people wearing hijabs, saris, burqas, turbans, etc. They claim to be random but when closely observed, they don’t seem very random at all.
Although police officers and law enforcement undergo training to avoid discrimination, due to embedded cultural stereotypes and strained racial relations between white people and people of color, racial profiling has become a perpetual problem in our society that results in people of color living in fear for their lives.

Although we have lost millions of lives due to racial profiling, it does not mean all hope is lost. We still have the potential to learn and grow from our experiences by eliciting proper alternatives to violence.

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