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The modern science and technology has discovered that the Indus valley had a great impact on the Indus valley civilization. The people had very developed urban life. The major big cities such as Harappa had big houses and with a well developed sewage and drainage system.


The Indus valley is also known as Harappan civilization. The Harappa city was quite similar to Mohenjo- Daro city, and close to modern cities because of its working class neighborhood, well developed drainage systems, broader streets, and big houses. However in the centuries after 2000 B.C.E, the civilization of Indus Valley declined due to climate change, deforestation, and diseases. The drastic rainfalls caused floods, which ruined the agriculture of the Indus Valley, and destroyed the vital river systems, and diminished the civilization of the Indus Valley.


The early civilizations traded almost the same way like modern trades, but due to climate conditions, and long distance between cities, trading was not easy as it is these days. The Indus Valley and Mesopotamia used to trade luxury goods such as precious metals, textiles. So, due to long distance, they used to use seas for their trading. Also, for land trading camels were most efficient animals to be used.


The disappearance of great civilizations like the Indus Valley is not less than a mystery. However, there are some theories that shows the main reasons behind the diminished civilization. One of the famous theories suggested that Aryans invaded the Indus valley. Some theories suggested that severe climate changes destroyed the civilization, and some theories suggested diseases diminished the society. When scholars study the skeletons which were found in the discovery of this big civilization. it strongly suggested that many people dies of starvation and malaria which proofs drastic floods caused mosquitos and destroyed corps. To sum up, there are different theories which suggested different things, but still sudden disappearance of the great civilization like The Indus Valley is not less than a mystery.

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