Extreme Cold Weather Winter weather Statistics

This year there has already been temperatures below zero. Usually the coldest time of winter is Jan-Feb.

The winter will be milder and drier. Since this winter will be so cold, April and May will be extremely warm and dry, but the summer will be cooler.

On December 20, the temperature will get back into the thirty after being in the negatives for awhile. A warm front is moving in and is bring scattered clouds. The temperature will be going up and bring fog to the area.

On record, the warmest December temperature was 69 degrees on December 4th, 1998. The coldest temperature was -28 degrees on December 28, 1924. The most snow we have ever gotten was 26.5 inches. During this winter season, we will get an average of 3.65 inches of rain and about 31.5 inches of snow fall. During winter, the shortest day in December 21 with 9 hours 7 minutes and six seconds of daylight.

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