Staples Players takes on "One Acts" Lili Romann '19, All photos by Lili Romann '19

Staples Players is hosting "One Acts," a series of 10 minute plays, on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28. Pictured above is Director Chad Celini '19 with his cast.
"One Acts" are mini-plays directed by the actors Staples Players. Above is JP Patterson '19, director of a play portraying two college best friends who shared "a moment" earlier in life and find themselves back in that romantic moment later on. "I tell people I'm directing, and they're like, 'Oh cool, you're directing a show?'" Patterson said.
Karalyn Hood '18, director, sits alongside her friends Sydney Panzer '19, Charlie Norman '19 and actor Michael Lederer '20 making balloon animals for her play.
Juliette Schwebel '19 gives tips to her actors as they put on a kitchen scene using props.
The Players are placed sporadically around the school, some in the auditorium, some in the auditorium lobby, among other hallways in the school.
There are about 2-3 people in each play. Captured above, Electra Szmukler '19 and Tobey Patten '20 practicing their scene.
Only able to use few props due to time constraints, Players move mobile pieces of furniture around the school for their plays.

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