Matthew Cody By:Jade, Aidan, Jackson

Matthew Cody has written books to inspire kids around the world. On different websites he has stated facts about himself. This adobe page will give you alot of information about him.

Matthew Cody was influenced by his older brother. He loved reading comics and was born in St. Louis.When Matthew Cody was little he liked entertaining people by making up stories. He began teaching people in 2004 when he started to work on his first novel. He spent his childhood reading comics. Matthew Cody is now a successful children's book author. He earned his masters from the University of Alabama in theater. He attended the Clarions Writer workshop in San Diego California. He was the youngest in his family. He goes to his local comic book store every Wednesday. He loves the Flash He has always wanted to fly and he loves origin stories he is Matthew Cody.


Matthew Cody wanted to inspire kids in general. All genders including boys, and girls. Even some comic books fanatics. No matter their gender nor age, he just wanted children to enjoy his books.


Matthew Cody writes varied genres, he is an avid writer. The first genre is science fiction he has a trilogy under science fiction called the Supers of Noble Green. He also has a different series, The Secrets Of The Pied Piper, which is classified as a fantasy series.

Author struggles

When Matthew Cody started writing Powerless his family started dealing with serious illness. He said that he wanted people to know that they were not the only ones going through hard times he expressed this through his books characters. He decide instead of writing through grief he would write through action and humor.


Matthew Cody was born and raised in St.Louis. He moved to Manhattan where he split his time between creative writing and theater. Now he works for the Gotham Writers workshop in Manhattan New York.


Some of the impactful Matthew Cody messages said you will always find your cup of tea in a book which means that there is always a book for you you just have to find it. You do not have to have superpowers to be super. Do the right thing even in the face of seemingly.


Matthew Cody always has hidden themes inside his books here are some of them.

Powerless had a few themes but the one that stuck out to me the most is you do not need superpowers to be super. This means that you do not need superpowers to do incredible things. All of his books have one thing in common make kids want to read and think of it as fun not a chore.

Thank you for reading this adobe page, hopefully you learned about Matthew Cody and his theme of his books audiences of his books, his struggles, life story and setting of his life.

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