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Surreal Landscape

Renaissance Portrait

Selected "Portrait"
Renaissance Portrait

My piece is an altered portrait of myself sitting in a fast food restaurant. When my sister got her driver's license, we used to go to fast food restaurants in the evening. It became the time that we would talk to each other, so I chose this as my “home” as it represents my family. My inspiration was actually the image that I found. Though it is not a traditional portrait, I found her posture and heir of boredom quite interesting. Though her position was my inspiration, it was also one of the biggest struggles in creating my piece. I had trouble creating a position that flattered her dress and looked realistic. I solved this issue by duplicating the photo of her and doing a different angle of the dress under the table to give her the sitting appearance. The coolest part of this piece was putting in elements that are significant to me. I decided to focus all of the altered elements to the hand, the first of which was a ring. I have a ring that I wear everyday. It is very important to me as it was a birthday present from my dad. I also added nail polish to represent my grandmother, as she told me that the key to looking put together is painting your nails. Finally, I put a pen in the hand to represent my love of writing. I plan to keep this in mind for the future because I believe it is a truly important idea. It illustrates the concept that in order to create a piece that you are proud of, you must put a piece of yourself into it.

Surreal Portrait

10 Thumbnails/ Brainstorming
3 Roughs
Original Portrait
Final Image

My surreal portrait is an altered image of my friend Samantha Turack. I inserted an image of a dog on to her face, as well as adding a few other details. My inspiration of this piece was my dog. He was sitting on my bed and I was wishing we had a proper way to communicate, almost as if he were a person. This prompted the idea for my piece, and I decided to portray a message of the fluidity and connection between animals and humans. My altered elements were the dog face, fur on the chest, two eyes, as well as adjusting the hair around my friend’s face. Initially I faced an alignment issue in terms of lining up the dog’s eyes and my friend’s eyes. I solved this issue by duplicating the unaltered portrait layer, erasing everything but her eye, and then duplicating this layer to make the other eye. The coolest part of this piece was matching the colour of the fur to the colour of my friends skin. I learned how to alter the colour of the layer which was very important in creating a unified appearance to the piece. I will use this skill next to create new photo shopped images. I often have the desire to create a seemingly unreal world in an image, however previous to this assignment, my skills were quite limited.

Traditional Photo Portraits

Above, I have a grid of 6 portraits. There are 3 of Michael Vassiliev, with a slightly more yellow tint and stark front lighting, as well as 3 of Samantha Turack, which are slightly more pink and have softer lighting. I made these choices in an attempt to reflect the personality of my subject. The photos of Michael have harsher lighting as I wanted to create contrast. The contrast accentuated the bone structure of my subject, which reflects the masculine and bold elements of his personality. The photos of Samantha are warm toned to reflect her femininity, and the lighting is gentle to reflect the soft and nurturing elements of her personality. I took these photos with the skills I learned from Steve Cardi. We were taught about the different lighting angles, and I used these skills in the taking of my portraits. I plan to use this skill in the future to take photos of my friends. We often take photos however they all come out looking quite amateure. This skill will help in taking more professional looking photos.


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