Survivor Gala

Artwork by Rachael Herman.
Artwork by Megan Krisby
"Blurred," by Katie Brink.
"The Goober" by Megan Krisby
Arstist Kariel Hysell had several paintings displayed at the Survivor Gala.
"...but we love each other" by Kayla Walker.
"And you are still trapped inside your own Labyrinth. Running from me, but I'm not following you,"- Megan Schroeder.
Top Elizabeth Polley delivers her poem. Left Jamie Mah delivers her poem. Right Gabrielle Benton and Jeff Rolland perform "Shake it out," by Florence and The Machine.
The end of an anonymous poem at the Survivor Gala.
"A work in progress," by Taylor Guerrant.
Artwork anonymously done.

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