BREANNA BELKEN A Journal about me


It's all about me. With that being said, hello. I had a bit of trouble coming up with a concept, we all like talking about ourselves when it's not needed, but when needed, it's difficult. I decided to use this as an opportunity to provide some humanity behind my often cold and serious exterior. Hopefully you think I'm funny, but knowing my luck you probably won't.

What makes me, me?

These are all the people who have made me possible, they were a part of some of my happiest moments. Some of us no longer speak, but I want to remember how they've contributed to shaping me into who I am.

Coffee, polaroids and smiling at the flowers.

Sunsets & Silhouettes

When life gets to be a bit too much at times, I take time to look at the certain things. One thing that has always brought me peace is the sunset. I know it will be there again the next day and the beauty of it makes me happy. Sometimes we have to remember the little things.

Chasing sunsets and silhouettes.


I keep a journal to document my thoughts and here's a sample of what I think of when I'm meditating. People inspire me. Nature inspires me. Music inspires me. This is my life so far.

Sources of inspiration...

Where do I go from here?

After graduating with my degree in Journalism, I want to spend time traveling and seeing the world before settling into adult life. Hopefully you’ll see me contributing to Rolling Stone someday, but until then I’m just the friendly neighborhood feminist killjoy.

What is life like?

Here's a sample of what my life is like. Most of this footage comes from Snapchats, where I capture 10 seconds of my life. But put together, these 10 second videos tell a story about who I am.

Thanks for listening!

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