Bridge Presentation BY Jack Norton Jahori Clark And DaNnY WHALBERG

We decided when we were building the bridge to put triangles on the sides. We think that this helped significantly and we think with out them the bridge would not have been able to hold the board.

Bridge 1 The "Crooklyn Bridge"

During this picture we were connecting the triangles in the middle so when the weight was distributed to the sides the triangles that were under tension woudn't cave in or out on themselves and instead hold together strongly.
This is when we were layering the side of our bridge. We did this so when we later on built the center to distribute the weight the sides the bridge wouldn't cave in on itself because a lack of support on the sides.

Why our first bridge broke

Our first bridge broke because of a missing stick on top. In the video if you look carefully you can see that one of the sticks on top is missing. This is because it fell off when we moved it to dry and didn't realize until the next day. Because of this the bridge broke right under that spot. This is because the way we designed the bridge was constructed a lot of the weight was being distributed to the end of the bridge and the top sticks connecting the trusses were under a lot of pressure.

When we put the sticks on top of the bridge we were debating weather to put them on. We decided to and that helped because in the video the sticks pop off meaning they did a good job

Bridge 2 The "This was Not the Plan Bridge"

As you can see the sticks are crooked. This is because we dropped the bridge twice while the glue wasn't dry and when we put them back on they didn't glue correctly.
As you can see this bridge may seem to be upside down, however this is exactly how it is supposed to look. We decided to put the triangle trusses of our bridge underneath of the platform so that we would be able to have a more stable platform that the weight could be distributed upon.

In our second bridge we encountered some struggles with our bridge. Our bridge did not go exactly go to plan. Some struggles we encountered were our sticks werent drying on time and we dropped the bridge when we went to pick it up. We also were fooling around and didn't get as far as we hoped and couldn't finish our bridge. We had planned to make 3 base layers but only made 2 and we think thats what hurt our bridge and thats why it broke after only holding 66 lbs which was not what we had hoped for. We did have some successes though, our bridge was able to hold more than we thought it would even without the extra base layer which we considered a success. We also were able to recover well from dropping our bridge multiple times.

All of the weight was being pushed down through the left and right triangles, and there was not enough support to keep taking on weight soour bridge snapped on the far left triangle and then snapped in half.


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