Malaria Parasite By Tareq

How the parasite and its hosts reproduce:

  1. Malaria parasites are microorganisms that belong to their certain genus
  2. They produce in humans
  3. They then go into the blood
  4. They are then picked up by a female mosquito
  5. Then after a certain amount of days when the mosquito goes to another person it injects the parasite into the species.

The traits that change or are influenced by malaria parasite are the following:

  • Sickle Cell Trait
  • Different types of red blood cells
  • Malaria occurrence more than once
  • pregnancy
  • Immunity/Semi immunity
  • Where the species lives establishes the probabilities greatly
  • Depends if the certain organism that is newly born has the immunity level
  • Genes and traits gained from parents

Cure for the infection/disease:

  • Many medication already available
  • More tests to confirm the type of medication
  • Better disease research/more priority
  • Faster treatment/at better times
  • More variety in drugs because of allergies
  • Drugs suitable for all areas of where the disease as acquired from

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