What is Prarambh ?

Prarambh will run two campaigns for the coming academic year 2019 in Educational Institutions of Thane

Campaign 1

Follow the monkey (Waste Management)

Learning by Play method is the most effective tool Follow the monkey uses the 4 monkeys inspired from the wise monkeys ,promoted by Father of nation Ghandhiji as a tool. The monkeys are used as characters to educate and spread awareness on waste management.

The goals of the project is to Create zero waste institutions and in the process empower the students with knowledge on waste management.

Campaign 2

S-miles (Safety for miles)

We strive daily to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Extension of this has to be done on Road . Through Smiles ; safety for mikes the students educate their families and in the process learn themselves to follow rules for Road Safety.

Both the campaigns under Prarambh are aimed at making educational institutions zero waste models and adopt 1 kilometre of their roads to become safe .

13 Educational Institutes to be Empowered


Upcoming workshops for registered school

Follow the monkey

1. Infrastructure

2. Awareness

3. Additional resources for FTM



S-miles (Safety for miles)

1. Infrastructure

2. Awareness

3. Additional resources for S-miles




Project Statistics

A movement begins..

A city which generates 750 metric tons of daily waste and has daily accidents due to unsafe road habits

Through Prarambh will empower more than 3 lakh students

To solve the burning issues of Waste Management and Road Safety

Prarambh in Education Institution

Right behavioural pattern included at early age becomes a good habit


Unknowingly Wrong

Uses only Brain and Heart

Spitting or throwing things out of the moving vehicle

Knowingly Wrong

Uses Brain and Hand

Choices made out of convenience despite being aware of the fault

Knowingly Right

Uses Brain and Hand

Awareness of the results of ones action leads to a healthy change

Unknowingly Right

Uses Heart and Hand

Repeated good actions become a Habit .. And a Habit is hard to change !!

Prarambh Events

First fortnight of January 2020

First fortnight participating Educational Institution will do events through Prarambh on road safety

Report Statistics

Let’s all be part of a global solution!!


Created with images by "Payal Shinde"