Grape Hyacinth Flower of the day

Grape Hyacinth are a perennial plant that sprout clusters of tiny grape-like florets. They typically come in pale blue to navy blue, although there is a variety that come in a beautiful white. These flowers grow from around 6-8 inches in height, and even though they aren't invasive they do spread vigorously, so it is a good idea to divide them every few years. Grape Hyacinth are popular amongst gardeners because they are a very hardy plant. They are reliable, handle poor soil conditions well, and do not require much care to survive. When first sprouting Grape Hyacinth start off with very tiny bulbs, making it easy for them to dry out. So to keep these plants happy and alive, plant them in the early fall so they can get enough moisture.

Fun Fact: In Holland at the Keukenhof Gardens, there is an area called the "Blue River". Here is where a vast amount of Grape Hyacinth are densely planted, it looks as if a river is flowing through the trees.

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