Chryso '25

"I'm willing to try something new because the teachers are excited to teach their subject and they're super friendly and inspiring."

Each student is a unique learner and brings to the community individual gifts and talents, which enrich the group as a whole. Combined with the autonomy that our renowned teachers have in the classroom, giving them the ability to teach their students in various ways, Academy classes are exciting, engaging, and challenging.

Chryso '25 came to the Academy lacking a passion for writing, which impacted many of his classes. With help from his sixth-grade teacher, writing became a strength and English quickly became one of his favorite subjects.

"Before I really hated writing," reflects Chryso. "But in Mr. Knutson's class in 6th grade, he made writing really fun with the weekly 200's. We got to write our own stories and I found out I really like to write."