Zero waste - Total wealth delhi, india

PROJECT OVERVIEW:"Zero waste Total Wealth" is a waste management & livelihood generation project. Currently waste is dumped directly into landfills which have exceeded their capacity nearly a decade ago. Now, with ever increasing amount of waste, its management has become both environmentally and financially unsustainable and demands immediate solution before it's too late. A very simple and ingenious solution to this problem is the segregation and decentralised treatment of waste. The " Zero waste Total wealth" project will set-up a system of decentralised waste treatment facilities which will turn waste to wealth (e.g. Bio-gas, energy, compost, decorative material) and allow the marginalised waste collectors and rag pickers to become major players in cities’ waste management and earn from the waste they collect. This project will help the city evade the upcoming waste epidemic, generate extra income for low earning waste collectors and help the environment through increased sustainability.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: Urban STATUS: Future project

BY: School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

PARTNERS:The project involves waste collectors, rag pickers, city residents, and the municipality as partners. A cooperative structure will allow the population to directly sell their waste in the market and to hire professionals as required to maintain the system. As a result, city residents will have a cleaner environment and waste collectors will receive an extra source of income. Finally, the municipality will be lowered of its financial and functional burden.