IMPERIALISM hanna wilks

Imperialism is an act of a country and/or a kingdom that has a lot of power but seeks for more usually in weaker country/ kingdom and takes over. There are four different types of imperialism which include colonial, economic, political, and socio-cultural. colonial imperialism is when the subjugated area is completely taken over in all aspects. Economic imperialism is when a stronger nation dominates the economy of a weaker nation. Political imperialism is when a puppet gov. is set up so that it is controlled by the stronger ruling nation. And lastly, socio-cultural imperialism is when the stronger nation systematically attempts to eradicate the customs, religion, and language of the weaker nation. Imperialism inst always a good thing but its not necessarily a bad act. It can modernize other nations/ country's. But the downside to this act is it led several peoples death. An example of socio-cultural Imperialism would be the proliferation of American businesses in China. the cultural influence has changed the of modern Chinese cities. they try to imitate U.S cities like large apartment buildings, food chains, etc. An example of colonial imperialism is basically just direct control, how the U.S was under the English control. A country that controls a less formed and developed country is a perfect example of economic imperialism. Political Imperialism is when a nation/ country/ kingdom is being extended or enlarged.

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