Zombies in Clemson Graham Troxell

It was just another day at Clemson University and I was sitting on the fourth floor on Daniel Hall in English 1030. It had been a long day and everyone was ready for the weekend. We were just about to wrap up class when the warning sirens started to go off. They tend to do random tests and there had not been a serious emergency in a while at Clemson, so everyone didn't think much of it. Then everyone's phone started buzzing and the texts were flooding in. Warning. Zombie siting on campus. Everyone stay indoors. These were just some of the texts people were getting form the University as well as their friends who were all around campus getting different pieces of information about the situation. Everyone seems to always joke about the zombie apocalypse, but in the back of our minds, we never think it will happen, especially to us, right here in Clemson, SC.

We were slowly getting information, but pieces were still missing, and everyone had a lot of unanswered questions. Someone's roommate had told them that they were in Johnstone hall when they saw zombies climbing all over Tillman Hall. This was apparently their home base while they were taking over Clemson University. They had chosen something centrally located on campus, and were starting to spread outward. There were even some who had made it to Cooper Library and Reflection Pond. Some had died near the fountains and were making that area on campus a horrific sight.

The students who lived near the horseshoe or off campus had never been happier to be so far away. For the students and faculty that were still on campus, things were getting to the point where everyone was fighting for themselves and no one was listening to the messages they were getting from the president or the police or anyone. The one main concern of Clemson Official was that they were going to make it to the new football facility. We had to protect our National Title trophy at all costs.

They had police stationed everywhere and the battles were getting gruesome. Luckily for most of the student body, we had made it out alive and were watching the events unfold safely on TV. They fought for days and there were casualties on both dies, but in the end, there were only two zombies left, and Dabo himself was fighting them off to protect his National Championship trophy. At this point Clemson had made headlines and the Zombie fights were being watched all over the country. Dabo had defeated one of the remaining zombies, but was losing strength. He crawled over the the case where the trophy was and shattered it so he could hold the trophy one last time. The zombie hobbled over to where Dabo was laying and by some miracle, tripped on the debris that had fell earlier. Dabo saw his last opportunity and mustered up the strength to stand up hand deliver a fatal blow to the zombie's head with the trophy, ending the apocalypse. Dabo had saved the day and Clemson lived to see another day.


Created with images by Steven-L-Johnson - "Warning! Walking zombie zone" • hager.angie - "Tilman Hall" • Yousef AH - "Reflection pond at Clemson University" • InspiredVision - "Tillman Paw"

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