My Life Goals By: Robert Lavender

One of my 1 year goals is to get a truck. A truck would be my choice of a first car because they are big and are beasts. I believe I can achieve this goal through getting my drivers license and working hard.

Over the past few months I have been going to the gym and working out every other day. I would like to do it everyday and alternate my workout session every time. For example, Monday would be abs, Tuesday leg day, Wednesday arms, Thursday cardio, Friday calisthenics, Saturday testing max. This can be achieved in 1 year through motivation and a wanting for improvement.

Getting a job would be one of my 1 year goals. I can get a job in about 2 months and would like to because I can get extra money. Extra money would allow me to save up for a car which is another goal of mine. It also allows me to save up for college for my future. I would prefer to work at Canes, Burger King, or Jack in the Box because those are my favorite places to eat fast food.

As of mid May 2016, I have been THS NJROTC 4th Platoon Commander and would like to become the Armed Drill Team commander. This goal can be accomplished in 1 year. Becoming the Armed Commander would be a dream come true because I have put in 2 years of hard work and dedication to receiving this position. This position would allow me to command more dedicated cadets and open up new opportunities for the future. Not only will this position improve my public speaking skills, it will also improve my organizational maturity and awareness.

In my early childhood, I went to the Grand Canyon and it astonished me. I always remember that it looks like a picture when you gaze at its vast horizons. I can barely remember anything else and have made a goal to go back to the Canyon in at least 3 years. Not only is it amazing but it is one of the wonders of the world. My Grandpa and I would be the ones to go because we went last time together. We have discussed ideas about this trip but a set date is not certain.

Attending college is a major step in everyone's lives. I would like to attend college when I graduate from high school in two years. This goal should take 3 years to accomplish. Asu would be the college of choice for me because it is in state, close by, and I've always liked Asu since I was a little boy. College will open up many opportunities for me and my future.

Joining Army Rotc would also be a dream come true because I've always wanted to join the Army. Being in this program would be my first step in joining the army and living my dream as a US Army soldier. Joining this program would take 3 years to accomplish. Right as I get into college I will be doing this program. Doing this will keep me in shape and allow me to learn many new things.

In all service branches, JROTC, and ROTC programs, each cadet/private will learn military drill. Drill can be done in many ways such as without arms maneuvers or with arms drill. I love to drill with a rifle at home and at school. Every year there is a championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. Only the best and most sophisticated drillers win this competition. Hopefully within the next 3 years I will be able to attend this great competition and compete with my brothers in arms.

My parents and I have talked about going to Hawaii for awhile now and we are actually considering going in the near future. I've wanted to go here because I love the tropical setting and the fashion style which is basically a shirt and shorts. This goal can be reached in 5 years because it could be a mid college trip surprise from my parents.

Pearl Harbor is a location I have always wanted to visit ever since I learned about this tragic event. They have museums and memorials there that I would give anything to see. The history to this event astonishes me because of the military strategy that went into this event. The Japanese taking advantage of our ship placement was a huge strategic attack in WW2. This goal can be reached within 5 years.

Another 5 year goal would be to make it to Sr. year in college. Many people say that college is difficult and frustrating. To make it to my Sr. year in college would be a great goal complete because that means I'm one step away from going into the real world. This goal can be achieved through hard work in school and dedication to my classes.

I have played basket ball for most of my life and its always been a dream of mine to play for Asu. I have been going to Asu basket ball games since I was one year old. To be able to step out onto that court and play ball would be a long dream come true. I have played the sport for seven years and love it. The only thing that stands in my way is other competitive athletes. This goal can be achieved in 5 years.

Normandy is a location with great historical influence on the world and is a place I'd love to visit. Normandy was the place where the fate of the world was decided. The allied powers conducted the largest seaborne invasion to date here. Normandy holds a memorial for the allied soldiers that lost their lives on D-Day. It would be a profound honor to go here. This can be achieved in 10 years.

Another 10 year goal would be to go to Niagara Falls again. Last summer I went to Niagara Falls and it was the best trip of my life. I stayed at a very nice hotel right next to the falls and had the best view. At night time the falls would light up and change color. This goal can be achieved after I graduate from college.

Becoming a US Army Ranger has always been a dream of mine. A Ranger is the Armies elite special forces. After I go into the army I would have to complete boot camp first, then AIT, and then jump school. Jump school is where you learn how to jump out of a airplane with a parachute. This goal can be achieved in 10 years.

Becoming a better person is a goal I think everyone should strive for. In the next ten years I would like to look back on everything I've done and say, "I have become a better man..". I want to develop into a nice and caring adult, not a ineffective citizen. After I join the Army, I will look back on everything I've done in life and decide if I have accomplished this goal. Every one can improve, it just depends on if they are willing to do it.

I have only one citation for this project as I pulled all of the pictures in the slide show from this website ONLY.


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