How the Brain Works Pukeko Nest - kidd

Mojo and Katie were going to see Miss Clara. Mojo said to Katie, "what are you doing?" "I am going to grow my brain", and Miss Clara said, "I was expecting you Mojo". Mojo and Katie went to go to the mountain, and went to Miss Clara. Miss Clara said, "grow your brain". "My friend is coming to see you too", said Mojo. And then Katie came in the morning, and Mojo was getting out of bed, and he got up. By Billie

It was night time. Your brain needs to be electric. Your brain needs to grow faster. You do the work. By Eli

Mojo and Katie went up the hill. They went to Miss Clara, and she said, "you can grow your brain by doing hard things". By Jayde

Mojo's brain worker came along. "What are you doing?", said Katie. "I am becoming a genius", said Mojo. "You know that there is a teacher that knows everything about your brain. Should me and you go to her?", said Katie. "Yes", said Mojo. "We should go and grow our brains". By Mabel

It was night time and they went to see Miss Clara. And Miss Clara said, "learn challenging things". I will ride my bike to grow my brain. By Blair

It was night time and Mojo and Katie went up the hill to find Miss Clara. Miss Clara said, "I was waiting for you". Your brain has neurons. You need to do challenging things. I am going to tidy up my room all by myself. This will grow my brain. By Izzy

It was a cold day and it was time to go to school. And it was Marshland School. Katie said, "what are you doing?". "I am growing my brain", said Mojo. Katie thinks it is time to go to Miss Clara. She said you have to challenge yourself by riding a bike. By Holly

It was night time and they went to find Miss Clara. And they went up the hill to find Miss Clara. And she said to Mojo and Katie, "learn challenging things!" I am going to brush my teeth by myself. By India

It was night and Mojo and Katie went to climb a hill. Katie came with Mojo to see Miss Clara. You need to learn challenging things! By Emily

Mojo was going to stretch his brain! He went to see Miss Clara. They had to climb a hill to get to Miss Clara. She said, "I was waiting for you! Learn more hard things!". I will learn more today! I will learn to make a sandwich too. By Amelia

It was night time and he said, "I will zap my brain". Then Katie came by. She said to Mojo, "come with me to see Miss Clara". "I was expecting you", she said. Then they were happy. Then they went to go. Then they did. Then the teacher said, "try challenging things", to all the kids. By Tyler

It was night time and Mojo and Katie went to see Miss Clara. She said, "try hard work". By Arlo

Miss Clara said, "you can get up to anything". "Can I help?", said Katie. "It helps to grow your brain", said Miss Clara. By Caitlin

Miss Clara said, "learn challenging things!". And they went off to Miss Clara. She told them to try new things. It was night time. I am going to ride my bike to learn new things. You learn lots of things. By Charlotte

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