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For this Text is Art assignment, we drew inspiration from Bemboszoo, using characters to create / replicate an animals form. While doing my process work, I was most inspired by these fictional characters of animals in suits, I thought it would be more interesting for someone to observe, yet alone it would be interesting for me to create. I ended up choosing to do a French Bulldog, it had a bow tie, as well as a suit. The hardest part for me was most likely choosing a font that catered to the physique of the bulldog. I started off with a cursive font, only coming to a realization that I was restricted with the letters due to the form, keeping my options of letter choices to a minimum. I made an executive decision to then use a simpler font which ended up looking nicer, as well as more defined towards the animal I was trying to create. It made me have a new appreciation for letters. The coolest part about this assignment for me was having an epiphany. I under estimated letters for the pure sole use of non-verbal communication through written words, but now I appreciate them for being capable of visual arts. In the future the skill that I learnt from this assignment will be very helpful and resourceful to use in my everyday life. This assignment taught me how to look at things from different perspective, if you are not happy with what things look like, take the effort to supplement or even change your ideas to make anything you do in life better, and more productive.

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