Codeine Justice berry

Codeine-A sleep-inducing and analgesic drug derived from morphine. Its slang term is Lean or purple drank. Codeine is an opioid pain medication and can come in different colors such as purple blue and sometimes green and it is used for when your in pain. Codeine first started off as a plant and been around since the 1832according google). Codeine can be addictive if u keep drinking it over and over and this could affect your body. And affects your brain due to the narcotics inside of it. And the short term effects of it is Vomiting, Dry mouth, Drowsiness and etc. And the long term effect is rash,Constipation and etc. Codeine affects the nervous system, And can also slow down or stop you from breathing

A 14 year old girl named Pauviera Linson was apparently given the drink, also known as "lean" and "dirty Sprite," at a birthday celebration Sunday in Burnsville. The next day a cousin found her on a bedspread with vomit in her mouth she was found dead while her 17 year friend was taken to Regions Hospital. The negative thing about is that codeine is so affective that she died the next day.

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