London 2015 Rugby World cup weekend

Sometime in August, 2015 the three of us casually suggested that we get together in London in October and catch a World Cup Rugby game. Well, after considerable planning, coordination and a little luck, we pulled off an AWESOME weekend together.

Awesome tickets

It all began with an afternoon in a pub nearby the Berkeley Hotel (somehow pronounced "Barkley") waiting for Mark to finish work and then we went to the O2 for a U2 concert.

The concert was fantastic!
As we had the best seats to see the very cool screen special effects
....but apparently not all the fans were pleased!
But we loved it!

Since jet lag and sleep were both overrated, the evening was just beginning once the concert ended. Off we went back near the hotel...

Karl was busy keeping the family updated on social media...we think
Mark was nearly arrested when he compelled the cabbie to pull over near some random park so that he could avoid a "bursting" situation.
And then we went to (another) of Mark's old hangouts where we had midnight Pizza and watched Mark try and get the all too stoned owner to remember him.
Break even, baby!

Again, never able to call it quits we decided to visit the Casino where membership was a requirement. Unfortunately, Mark's membership wasn't on the system since they had upgraded from Windows 3.0 in 1990, so we all became members. Black Jack was the game and let's just say that Karl's luck was not to be found but Mark's luck made up for it. We broke even.

And then we walked home through the friendly streets of London...don't forget the random stranger sidewalk high five with Karl.
Next day was the big FINALS Rugby match between New Zealand and Australia and Mark scored the best seats in the whole damn Twickenham Stadium....but before the game there was the trip out their by car and a lot of walking and a stop at some temporary fan zone.
Soooooo realistic.
Apparently, this was not a life sized replica of the actually trophy
Not only did we try to have fun, we succeeded, (really sorry about the pun)
Finally, after stocking up on shirts, hats etc...we arrive at the Stadium in time for the Haka.
Funny guy...just noticed the bottle coming out of my head. But hey, Karl and a Bono on his head (see earlier concert photo)
Check out the vie from our seats!!!! Mark rules! Even if he was bi-polar on which team he intended to support.
Note Mark is wearing a NZ shirt and Australian hat...he is supporter conflicted
And New Zealand are the World champions
And we are simply grateful to be there! Thanks Mark.
And then it was time to hit the pubs (again)
Very tight quarters
And photos that did not tell the full story (Karl has an infants bladder)
Did we mention that it was Holloween which made for an interesting subway trip back to London.
...where we met very famous movie characters
An Uber drivers in costume!
Piccadilly at 2am
And the next morning we were out west of London at an awesome Wentworth Golf Club
We believe that the course was beautiful but between the heavy fog and trips to find our shots in the woods, we may never know
All on the green - that's a first!
All stars! (It is worth noted that Jon won the match)
After yet another pub stop we were heading home to London
Where we ate Thai food and , wait for it, went to watch the movie Martian in 3D
Seriously....flash photography in a dark theatre does not make friends.
Mark, you were a fantastic host and Karl and I were so grateful for a weekend "for the ages" It was an awesome 72 hours of brotherly love and will never be forgotten. Best brothers trip ever! Thank you.
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Jon Hantho

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