Lost love of Club Penguin

I was on club penguin just a regular Monday evening going to the dance floor in ice berg square. The lights were flashing in my penguin eyes while I was making my penguin dance by pressing the shift button on my computer, the music was pumping my penguin looked like he was having a good time.

My penguin looked around I started to type in the computer “nice Mohawk ;), you having a good time!” It showed up in a speech bubble next to my penguin, then the penguin with the Mohawk stood right next to me and said “yeah!”

I looked at the penguins username G0rdanramsey89.

I realized it was gordon Ramsay the famous cook! I typed in to my computer “ woah are you the real gordon Ramsay :)” it shows up in my speechbubble eagerly waiting for an response.

“yes;) duh”.

I could not believe my eyes I am meeting the real gordan Ramsay on club penguin.

“Hi mr. Ramsey you locate your lamb sauce yet?” I waited for a response, waited and waited but the penguin was frozen.

“??? Gordan are you good??”Gordan Ramsay then typed into his computer.


I was in shock I did not know mr. Ramsey would get so offended by that I typed into my computer

“geez man sorry” before I couldn't the computer button to send it Gordon had left,

I was heart broken

I felt terrible there were butterflies in my stomach I felt like I was going to throw up all over my computer.

But I knew what to do

later that night I called up my friend lane and she is a computer genius

I had written down gordon's user name and showed her. We logged onto the computer it was about midnight so we couldn't make any sort of noise

, my penguin waddled to iceberg square as fast as our little penguin could walk.

“Abby look!” Lane whispered to me, I looked around my computer only to find G0rdanramsey89

. I was overjoyed with excitement I started to type

“Hey sorry about what I said i did not mean it I should've ne….” something then popped up on the screen

“we are so sorry club penguin has officialy shut down”

I fell on my knees praying to god that this was a dream but I could see my parents walking into my room telling me to be more quiet.

“ girls your being to loud quiet down!”

“Sorry mom sorry dad I tried to hold back my tears but I couldn't” so I told my parents what had happened and they felt empathy for me and lane and both got us some warm milk.

While my mom is getting the milk she runs up to me and says

“honey someone is at the door!” I was wondering who that could be I anxiously walking down the stairs and walked to the door i grabbed the knob and started to turn it

I was thinking in my head is it a robber, police, ghos?. I swung the door open and I opened my eyes

and it was

gordon Ramsay! I ran into his arms and said

“ I am so sorry for what I said!”

“ I over reacted it is just all over the interweb I could not take it any more” said gordan Ramsey.

From that day on me and gordon Ramsay were best friends

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