Katherine Yamashita Artist/Educator

I am an artist and educator working as a visiting artist in schools for arts-based and integrated projects from grades K-12.

My areas of specialty are, photography, filmmaking, theme based visual arts projects, interdisciplinary programming and digital media of all types. A current interest of mine is STEAM incubators at the secondary level.

In research, my current areas of focus relate to arts-based learning, STEAM, flipped learning, change theory, and also visual/arts-based culture as it can be employed to support student success through student engagement and social responsibility. Hands-on, project-based learning through authentic creative challenges is my area of practical expertise. An enduring area of research and experimentation involves closing or tightening the assessment feedback loop and its impact on student self-determination and responsibility for success.

Student Work

Katherine's Portfolio

Drawing and Painting

This represents work that has been done very recently and in the past.


A small sample of my photo work.
This interactive art installation included video, painting, archive material and an interactive postcard writing and video recording station.

3D Work

A variety 3D craft works


Early etching and engraving work

Digital Work


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