4B19 Grace McLaughlin My Hustle To America

Hi, my name is Bridget Flanigan. You may be thinking, "Why would we care"? Because I wanted to tell you all about My Hustle To America. I am from Ireland. I went through a lot to get to where I am now. On the ship, I was put with the rats and barf. Until the guards found out about my parents being rich. The guards thought I was poor because we never spent time making ourselves look nice. We spent it on food, and houses. Then I got to go to first class with my parents. I then got to first class, and let me tell you, it was awesome! Well, at least back then it was awesome. Now, everything is (obviously) outdated. The food is still pretty decent. Also, the bunks in the rooms are horrific! The smell, are very dirty, it feels like you're going to fall off, and now that I'm not 13 or 14 and it's not 1936, I'm at the age of 72, and the bunks are so crammed! Back then I thought it was the dream sleeping on those bunks. But now, I can barely even fit on the bottom bunk. Thank gosh I didn't try going on the top bunk now! I currently live in New York. But I'm always on trips to go to different countries and states. I used to have a job as a guide in Ellis Island, and also would tell people about the trip. I even have an episode on Scholastic News. My job now is not really a job. The reason I go to different states is because I go to get interviewed, and filmed and asked questions. I even made it to a magazine about a story about my trip to Ellis Island. I am rich just like my parents. Unfortunately, my father died just 4 days after the trip. He died because he could't get enough help with is medical problem. My mother has died of old age a while ago. My older brother is currently in the hospital, and my younger and sister are living a couple blocks away. We all look way older than we used to be. I haven't heard from my younger sibling in a while. The last time I was over, my brother was sick with a cold. My husband is on a vacation. He likes to golf, so he's on a trip with his friends. My daughter had 2 girls, one is 12, the other is 14. Her son is 16. I wish I could have shown my daughter, Ally, and my grandchildren what it was like to see the Statue of Liberty. It was awesome, it was magical! It was like when little girls see a rainbow filled with sparkly candy, with a unicorn on it. It was like you just landed on a plane to Hawii. I felt freedom the second I stepped foot on the land. I felt like I had just stepped on the moon. Like I just gave a puppy to a kid. I was so happy to be free from all of the smells, even though I was in first class. Seeing that was better than when I got bumped up to first class. Now, like I said, I'm living in New York. I live in a very tall building, where each level in the building is an apartment. The apartment was very expensive, but it was worth it for the constant room service, nice bubble baths, and I get to wake up everyday with the giant window throughout the apartment room. I get to see the Statue Of Liberty when I wake up. I see my parents faces when ever I wake up. I see the time when I saw the statue for the first time. I see the crowd of people, pushing, and shoving, and trying to be free. I loved every second.

Map of Ireland. (I lived in Ballinrobe!)

Flag of Ireland. (I saw that everyday at home!)

The Statue Of Liberty. (It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.)

Passengers on the ship. (This wasn't even everybody!)

4 Facts About The Statue Of Liberty

1. It was on Ellis Island. 2. It was an immigration station. 3. 12 million immigrants were there. 4. 40% of Americans trace history at Ellis Island.

My Favorites

- I liked the stations when we listened to the audio - I liked the BrainPop - I liked the pictures we got to see


BrainPopJr Statue of Liberty

Ellis island Interactive Tour

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