This is me, my mom, and my dad in London.
This is me and my best friend Samantha.
This is the first friend I ever made and the closest friend I have.
This is Mackenzie, my homie!
This is me and my friends at a soccer game.
This is me and Samantha again.
I used to be in karate and I broke a fire board.
Me, Sofia, and Halie Beth were on a scavenger hunt.
Me and Scottie drew DINO.
Me and Abby silly stringed my dad.
I was surfing with my dad.
We were on a scavenger hunt and ate a cricket.
This is me and my old friends.
We had a snow day in my old neighborhood.
This is me and Abby.
This is me, Samantha, and Willow.
This is Sarah Grace! The first friend I made at LOA.
This is my "twin" Willow.
We were all at a soccer game.
This is my dog Roxy!

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