Students Express Feelings Towards Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation By: Brianna Aguayo

On October 26, Amy Coney Barrett was sworn into the Supreme Court with a 48 to 52 vote. We asked a few students to share their opinions on Amy and her confirmation.

Student's initial responses, especially among women displayed a similar trend of disapproval of this decision. Shakira Spencer expressed how she thought [it] was an awful decision.

"I was scared for my reproductive rights as a female"

- Hannah Nguyen, 12th

"I was disappointed but not surprised."

- Carter St.Clair, 11th

RBG's last wish to not be replaced until the installation of a new president broke many, as Barrett's confirmation was speedy with only 6 weeks away from the election. Student's immediately began to question her credibility.

"She does not live up to the RBG name."

-Anastasia Roeder, 10th

"She is extremely unqualified she has spent most of her “law” career in academia"

- Hannah Nguyen, 12th

Several ideological measures have been done to determine how conservative Barrett is. The Washington Post declared Barrett to be around the 2nd most conservative member of the Supreme Court.

Student's expressed fright towards her extreme views, concerned that they will play a big role in decisions made. St.Clair said how her confirmation would only,

"make it harder for people seeking safe abortions, birth control, affordable healthcare, and protected marriage equality"

Shakira Spencer said:

"Her ideas are putting our country into jeopardy."

Barrett's confirmation led students to shed light onto other issues that are presumably in danger under her hands.

"I am absolutely terrified for America’s future with her being in the Supreme Court making the 6-3 majority conservative."

-Hannah Nguyen, 12th

"Women need to have the right to choose whether they get an abortion or not, and it should be up to them and only them, not anyone else."

-Ellen Forte, 9th