Superfans cheer on Wreckers through themed games Ella Stoler '22

Pictured above: Shira Zeiberg '22, Jackson Hochhauser '22 and Max Udell '22

Throughout the football season, Staples families fill the stands every Friday night game to show their support for the Wreckers. Following tradition, four seniors were elected at the start of the season as "Superfan Captains". This year's captains, Claire Fischer '22, Sean Appell '22, Hannah Kail '22 and Jared Leonard '22, led the fans with pride, hyping up the crowd at every fall sporting event. Each football home game was assigned a different theme, and throughout the season, the Staples Superfans did not once disappoint.

Pictured are this year's Superfans, along with Nick Augeri '22 (center).

Starting off strong, the first game of the season was "White Out" themed. The stands were packed with fans in all white, a great way to kick off the season and support the Wreckers in their first win of the season.

The second game of the season was themed "Blue Out". The stands were a sea of various shades of blue as fans proudly cheered on the team.

The next home game was themed "Pink Out", in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Fans came decked out in pink spirit gear to show their support.

Last weekend's game was Homecoming. Senior girls wore the traditional Homecoming shirts, while the rest of the school sported blue and white clothing, Staples High School's official colors. The Ruden Report reported that fan attendance for this game reached a record high this year.

With one home game left on Nov. 12, Superfans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the last theme. So far so good everyone, let's keep up the good work.

All photos by Ella Stoler '22