Harmony's Pond Emily smith

Benefits and how to join Harmony's Pond

how to join: to become a member of harmony's pond you must pass a intelligence test and score above a 87. then your(and your immediate family) application gose to the council to be approved. once they approve you, you have to spend 1 month in a demo. cabin proving you can garden and/or fish for food and remain in a state of positivity. after you finish your month in the demo. cabin (assuming there are no complications)your family is accepted into Harmony's Pond.

benefits: when you choose to join and are accepted into Harmony's pond; you have the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, free visits to doctor, your own cabin that houses up to 5 and contains 3 bathrooms 1 kitchen 1 living room 1 study room 4 bedrooms 1 backyard 1 gardening space, elders homes for when you gain age and want to live more comfortably that you already do, complete use of all amenities/facilities including the lake,and a always supportive community.


Harmony's Pond is located on 2,000 acres of land in the western texas to eastern new mexico

there are many small forested areas and one main river flowing through the whole community

there are four sections to harmony's pond each section containing small differences in geographical features


-maintaining your own garden with vegtables all year round

maintaining a compost bin from leftover foods and other used everyday materials in the household

puting your recycle in designated bins for the plant

-help all community members who are in need

-following all/evry law

-maintaining peace with all community members

-staying happy/positive


REcreation activities include but aren't limited to:

fishing, kyaking, paddle boarding,gardening, games in the rec center, reading in the library, and creating art


There are two different houses of government in our community: the council and the court

THe council contains four memebr of different genders who make all major decisions for the community they also control. the council is picked by the mebers of the court and two member of the council. new council members are chosen when one of the old council members dies.

the court contains four members of different genders and they suggest possible solutions, ideas, problems, and advise the council on all major decision.New Court member are chosen by the members of society at an election every eight yesrs. one single person may only be chosen ofr the court twice in his/her life.

Punishment is based on the crime commited


in Harmony's pond we rely o a syetem of trading between members of society. trading is moniterd by a trade official who makes sure all trades are fair. member of society are allowed to grow thier own vegatables in a garden at their dwellings. member are also intitled to a weekly service of meat from the farm center if they choose. they may also fish from the river if they decide to, though they may not go over the three fish a day limit


every memebr of society is required to go to church sunday morning at eight am. not going to church will be considered an slight ifraction

church is based on a christian faith

Science and Technology

science advancements have lead to medical cures for all know diseases and research for new cures for unknow diseases

Technological advancements have lead to the development of stronger structures but, since our community is not based on technology we are not in need of very many technology based systems unless used otherwise for the government or in the medical field

Harmony's Pond

"the earth has it's music for those who ill listen"


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