4-H Extension Agent By:waymon Nichols

Daily Tasks: Help Youth groups see and learn about the latest industry information and technology.A 4-H Extension Agent may conduct research and play out field trips with chaperones, they may also recruit and train volunteers. They may also sponsor after school activities.

Work Schedule:Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, evenings and weekends as required

Salary: With a masters degree- $57,889, and with a PhD- $69,375

Work Environment: In a rural environment they would help youths that want a future in farming, or ranching, or any other agricultural careers. In an Urban environment they would help students who may become high school dropouts.

Issues/Problems: An extension agent often gets burned out from all the problem solving and planning, they also get stressed out when trying to plan trips and schedules for chaperones.

Benefits: They can have a competitive salary, annual leave, paid holidays, sick leave, unemployment compensation, state workers compensation insurance.

How do they help children/family: 4-H Extension agents help children, especially children almost failing or getting in trouble get back on track and they help educate them in the agricultural field. This at the same time helps family because it helps them get more involved in their child.

Education: Most 4-H Extension Agents must have a Bachelors Degree, but a masters degree is preferred.

Work Skill: Many 4-H Extension Agents need good writing skills, and very good people skills. They may also need good program marketing skills. Another skill they may need is planning, conducting and evaluating participatory extensions or non-formal education programs.


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