How to do a forward roll By Réka

The first step is to crouch down with your hands out in front of you on the ground. They should be shoulder width apart. Do NOT put your knees on the ground, as you won't be able to push yourself with enough force.

Make sure to tuck in your head so that you don't hurt your neck or head.

Kick up your legs with as much force as possible. You need to push an equal amount of force with your arms as is being pushed down by your body. You also need to push with the same amount of force in each arm so that you go in a straight line.

Use this momentum to push your body directly over your head and arms. Keep on pushing with both of your arms.

Use this momentum to roll onto your back and then into a sitting position.

Keep using your momentum and stand up. Swing your arms to help you stand.

Good Luck!

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