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Double, double toil and trouble,

Fire burn and caldron bubble,

A kakapos wing and a sting of a bee will make the birds sing

The mist off the moths, a seal’s mouth,

A bib from the Tui and a wekas mouth.

The tale of an eel and fur from the bat,

How much more can I get than that.

The eye of the gannet, newly hatched,

and the deer’s spicks will go through your brain lick fire and ice.

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like hell broth boil and bubble.

Double, double toil and trouble,

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

chocolate biscuits

1. I was young my friend was new and all I have to say is that I miss you.

2. I made new friends, the classrooms cool and now I have started my first day at school.

3. Tears dripped down my face as my aching arm pulled me towards the creaking staff room.

4. Sweat flew down the shell of my face as I saw the ribbon to the finish line.

5. One drip of water rolled down the side of my face as I let go of my mum’s hand.

6. The stage was on, the flowers were on, now all I had to do was dance on.

The Rotten Animal

Quietly, I lunged onto my crimson bed as my family was still sleeping that morning. The sound of cicadas filled my ears and the mist covered the green lush forest nearby. I knew my brother was awake because I heard the sound of the rattling curtains opening and the creaking floor followed his every move. My cat had just opened the door of the triangle latch and it was then, when I smelt the hora.

Smelling the air, a witf of rotten floated pass the end of my scrunched up nose. Quickly I ran out the door to tell my parents. When they woke up the smell had drifted out of my room and now I could smell the hora. I could almost see the rotting mist spreading across our gloomy house. Where it was the strongest was the latch in the deep, dark corner of my room. Dad looked in and there it was, the rotten, old, stinky rat that had been in my room for weeks.

Finally, my dad yanked out the hideous creature. Its skeleton was hanging out and its tale had fallen off. Dad through it out and my room was stink free but here comes the hard part.Now my room smells like perfume!!!

The history of Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilee. The first inventor of the telescope, thermometer, the compass and many more and the discoverer of most of our universe. He discovered most things we know of our galaxy today. His inventions like the telescope evolved into things bigger the Einstein’s inventions and his discovers almost blew Queen Elizabeth the first off her thrown and to record his discovers and inventions he wrote reports on everything he did.

Galileo was born in Pisa 15 of February 1564. He was the eldest of six children and all of them studied the physics of math. His father wanted the three eldest children (including Galileo) to study medicine but instead the whole family studied math. When Galileo got married he had three children. Virginia, Livia and there only son Vincenzo. Virginia died in 1634, the second of April but Livia was unfortunately ill for most of life and tributed to be a nun and Galileo suffered fever and heart palp iotations and died in 1642 on the eighth of January and unfortunately no one knows what happened to Vincenzo.

Between Galileo taking care of his funny three (the kids) he started to invent things that he thought might help the country, even the world discover what was beyond our skies so he built the world’s first telescope in 1609. With the telescope in his hands he started to discover more and more of our galaxy that we know today. He also invented the compass, thermometer, clockworks and the spyglass and with the spyglass he made different lenses for different sizes and with all of this he was able to discover highland, how the moon controls our seas, the four moons of Jupiter and many new stars.

While Galileo was looking through his new invention (the telescope) He started to discover more things in our universe. He discovered how the planet Venuses has phases and sunspots and that The sun rotates and that planets go around the sun. So Galileo discovered more things about our universe.

During his time, he also wrote reports on all of his discoveries. Here is a list of most of his reports:

• The Galilean moon

• The appearance of the milky way

• The roughness of moon’s surface

• The differences between planets, stars and points of light.

So in conclusion I know that Galileo Galilei was an amazing inventor, discoverer and writer and that makes him the discoverer of space.

Bibliography 29 march 2017 29 march 2017.

J.K Rowling

Harry potter and the chamber of secrets

J.K Rowling. The sister of one sibling. The mother of 3 children. The inspiration for her books. Her jobs, awards and the writer of the harry potter books, how does she juggle it. She must be magic but as Joanne Rowing always said ‘we do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already’.

J.K Rowling was born 31 July, 1965, Yate Gloucestershire, England. she has 1 older sister and lived with both her mum and dad (Peter and Anne). When Joanne was four the family moved to a close by town called Winter Bourne and when she was nine they moved to a little church cottage with involved her mother’s illness that caused her mum to die and it also involved her father moving away from the family. After that she wrote this ‘if you want to know what a mans like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals’

When J.K Rowling left her family she drove to a train station and that’s were her train to London from Manchester got delayed and in that spare time she started to think of the train station for the harry potter books and that’s how the train station 9 and ¾ was written into her books but a few years back when J.K was in collage she met a friend that gave the idea of Hermione Granger the witch with muggle (human) parents. Also when she was in primary school her headmaster inspired her to create the headmaster of Hogwarts, professor albert Dumbledore.

Before Joanne Rowling started to write her books she had other jobs like:

• An English teacher in Portugal

• A researcher

• And a bilingual secretary guard of the amnesty international.

Over the years J.K won some awards. Here is some that she won:

• Good readers award

• Evening standard theatre award

• Red cross award

• Sounds of crime award

• Beacon award

• The British award and many more.

J.K Rowling writ the best-selling book series with the harry potter books in the history of books because she sold at least 400 million of them in one year. J.K has a lot of favourite books. Here is her most favourites:

• Emma

• Team of rivals

• Black beauty

• Little women

• Mant mouse

• The story of the treasure seekers

• Secrets of the flesh

• I captured the castle

• The ilid homer

• Lolita


Joanne wrote Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in 1998 and sold 400 million and she got the bests selling series award in history. Harry is 12 and locked in his bed room from his uncle and aunt because he got in trouble for saying magic. His friends rescue him and go back to Hogwarts of witch and wizardry. On the way through the halls they encounter books, notes and secrets that shouldn’t be told. I would really enjoy the frights and scares I got reading this book and watching the movie but I think that young children like under the age of 8 might have nightmares.

By Jessica smith



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