From the Headmaster:

Rather appropriately for a week that included World Mental Health Day (10th October) I was fortunate on Wednesday to enjoy a welcome opportunity to stop and reflect on the progress of the school over the last few years with Mr Tidmarsh as part of our Governance meeting.

This, combined with extended visits to every classroom both today and yesterday, celebrating the progress children make in every lesson and seeing them highly engaged and talking about their learning has been the perfect antidote to the changing of the season and associated autumnal showers.

Those of us in the privileged position to lead schools are fortunate to witness first hand children thriving and flourishing. Few things can compete seeing a teacher with a class ‘in the palm of their hand’ the palpable sense of excitement of learning and seeing children engaging in activities that, when being an observer, requires you to put down your pen and simply savour the spectacle taking place in front of you. If only we could bottle the atmosphere of each and every classroom in our school this week, Park Hill’s Marvellous Medicine?

A busy week ahead of us before we head into half term, parent teacher consultation evenings and the now legendary School Council Bake Sale to give us the energy to finish off the week.

Despite the cancellation of the England game tomorrow, I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.


Garsons Farm Pumpkin Picking

Much fun was had by all at Garsons Farm. You cannot have failed to notice a definite pumpkin theme in our Early Years classes this week. What better way to round off a busy week than with a pumpkin pick? 🎃

Class News

Year 6 and Year 5

At the top of the school the children have been experiencing many contrasts within their curriculum. In their Performing Arts lesson they have been getting ready for their latest production, this included an exciting movement break to have a go a some jazz dancing. It was great to see how uninhibited the children were to get involved with the dancing, there are certainly no wallflowers in Year 5 and 6.

We have been getting creative in maths this week, whilst reinforcing the functional parts of studying the properties of circles, the children have been deconstructing some quite complex patterns and recreating them using their maths knowledge.

The wonderful trip to the HMS Belfast warship still flows through the curriculum, in English lessons the children have been using their best handwriting to create letters persuading the Head Teacher’s of other ILG schools to take their children to the warship in Year 5 and 6.

Year 4

In a moment of calm reflection upon our achievements this week, Year Four will be proud of the progress they have made across the curriculum.

We have explored Rainforests in Daintree for English and Humanities, The X Factor in Maths, Divas in Religious Education, Team work in PSHCE and Falling in Love with Music.

Our travels across the world in Humanities and English have introduced us to the beautiful rainforests of Northern Australia in Daintree. We have discovered the amazing wildlife of Tree Kangaroos and the vibrant Cassowary bird, whilst being made aware of how development threatens their habitat. The book “Where the Forest Meets the Sea” made us more informed of these issues as the faded images of the animals, dinosaurs, indigenous people and coastal resorts suggested things from the past and premonitions of the future.

Having answered a series of inference questions on the book, plus some practising of persuasive phrases, we are now ready to write a text to convince others to protect the Daintree Rainforest and other tropical rainforests across the globe.

In Maths we have had a productive week looking at mental methods to solve division problems of halving large numbers, and halving numbers twice to find answers to dividing numbers by four. Our endeavours in division opened us up to the world of finding factors of numbers, and how we can use factors to identify answers to further division conundrums.

On our explorations, with multilink, we encountered various numbers and quadrilaterals and discovered how arranging multilink in rows and column of the same number produces a square (number). Further to this we also found that numbers that only had factors of itself and one were unique, and we subsequently crowned them similar to unique transformers as (Optimus) Prime numbers.

Other learning across other subjects focussed on breathing. Mr Stevenson’s Science lesson took pupils to the Science Lab where they investigated the lungs and diaphragm of a cow. I’m unsure if any pictures were taken, but pupils were excited and disgusted at the same time. What is known, pupils understand the function of one of the most important muscles and organs in the body and it’s function.

On the theme of breathing, deep breaths were taken in during Music as they performed ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, a performance they shall continue to refine and present sometime in the future.

At the tail end of the week we saw the light... well in fact we constructed a dish for the light as we created our Divas for Diwali celebrations next week. In other artistic pursuits Year Four have printed on to their stencils of forest animals and vegetation as we begin to finish off our dust covers to adorn our jungle themed stories.

A fantastic week to reflect on. Perhaps my favourite would be the ability to work as a team to resolve differences. During PSHCE pupils used role play to discover ways in which to find ways to work effectively in a three. Acting as teachers from the school, pupils resolved conflict issues teachers often encounter such as writing a school Christmas play, jealousy over staff members with flashy iPads, and who will do the morning and afternoon meet and greet.

A fantastic effort in our penultimate week of the first half of term. We look forward to the final leg for continued progress. Great work Year Four

Year 3

Another productive week in Year 3, from multiplication, water colours, divas to the UAE.

In English this week we have been book detectives, learning about pearl diving in our stories from other cultures unit, with the delightful tale from Julia Johnson. We have been looking for clues about the young boy Saeed and what his life was like for him. In our art session we experimented with watercolours to create scenes from the story.

In Humanities we have been making the link between the Ancient Mayans and the rainforest, life can’t have been easy!

In Mathematics this week we have been exploring how multiplication is just repeated addition and how we can use this fact to help us work out tricky multiplications and use doubling to help with the more challenging times tables.

Year 2

After the poem I created last week,

I feel it's only prudent to continue to be a geek

While the children still create poems and rhyme,

They have been working on clocks and time

Combining these two has always been fun

And we continued until we were done

Nine lovely poems were created and presented for the wall,

And in sport, we played football.

The Year 2’s were incredibly impressive in our games

And we also tested our nicknames

Combining maths with e-safety in IT,

They competed against each other in a time spree

In Science, Year 2 created species to fulfil a role,

One even living at the North Pole.

Finishing this week by asking questions to a friend,

This poem I do now end.

Year 1

Awe and wonder abound in Year 1 this week. On Friday morning we entered the classroom to discover that Buzz Lightyear and Woody had been trapped by a mysterious intruder. Who did it and why? Year 1 investigated and were inspired to create ways to rescue the trapped toys. They then independently wrote amazing wanted posters to warn others that Sid the nasty toy thief may be in school.

We have been developing our time skills both reading clocks and drawing clock hands to help Cinderella escape from the ball before her dress turned back into rags or the white rabbit so he would not be late.

Our cursive letter writing is developing exceptionally well, we have learnt the curly caterpillar, zigzag monster and long ladder letter families. Year 1 have been practising and following verbal and visual instructions carefully with great results!

In RE we posed the question who or what is God? To review our understanding and individual understanding of God. “God is everywhere, he is beyond to time.” Timothy

“I think she is a goddess who brings luck” Chloe.


Reception have thoroughly enjoyed a learning theme based on Halloween! It began with introducing rhyme and rhythm in Literacy, focusing on identifying rhyming words and key phrases in spoken words. As a class we came up with a poem “It was a dark, dark night without a cloud in sight. A ghost came out and gave us quite a fright!” In phonics, the children have played ‘silly soup’ game to consolidate their rhyming skills. As a whole class we created a spooky cave and a Halloween house with their teachers to conjure up some Halloween treats, including beastly buffet and cauldron cocktails. 🦇👻

In Art the children created little napkin ghosts and all things crawly! 🕷🕸 Maths has been based on 2D shapes, understanding their characteristics and using key mathematical terminology to describe these shapes. They went on a shape hunt at woodland school and found natural materials to create shape models and patterns. Finally, in Science we looked at season changes and collected items from Richmond park to make an autumn tuff tray which increased the children’s exploration and investigative skills. We researched which animals and food grow in autumn season and watched out for these signs at Garsons Farm! 🎃🎃

Second Steps

Second Steps have had a very busy week, preparing for the trip to Garsons Farm. We have been learning about the seasons and discovering which vegetables are growing locally, at the moment. In our outdoor area the children have been digging in soil to ‘harvest’ carrots, mushrooms, cabbage and potatoes. While in the sensory tray the children have been making potions using fresh fruit and vegetables.

Everyone has enjoyed visiting our Farmers Market to choose delicious fruit and vegetables. This has given the children lots of opportunities to practice their Literacy skills with making shopping lists and reading labels together with number work; counting the items and exchanging them for money.

Lots of different sized pumpkins have appeared in the sandpit where the children have had fun filling them and trying to move a very large one!

We went on a spider hunt during Woodland School trip on Thursday and the children discovered many unsuspecting creatures hanging from their webs in the bushes.

We also enjoyed a whole group activity while at the Park of making a ‘Friendship Web.’ This involved the children thinking about why they like their friends and passing a thread around the group. It was lovely to discover that we are all linked by friendship in Second Steps.

First Steps

The First Steps children enjoyed our first trip to Garson’s Farm this week. We looked at different size pumpkins and each child has picked their very own pumpkins. There is no excuse to get ready for Halloween!

Our First Class Restaurant is now open and had many customers already including Mr Bond! The children worked very hard to produce spaghetti at (play-dough) Spaghetti station and Pizza at art table . They had many costumer to serve! And as you can guess we made our pizza on Friday and ate it for our snack time!

Out door area was full of fun this week and the children enjoyed rolling the dice and finding right amounts of sticks! Chunky pipets was so popular in water tray and it helped children to improve their fine motor skills.

At Early Years assembly, the children learnt about kindness and practised using their kind hands and kind words all week!

Following children’s interest we have learnt about Amelia Earhart who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and made paper aeroplanes at the beginning of the week and flew them at outside (and yes some of them flew-inside too). ✈️

Calendar and Events

Please can we kindly remind you that on Wednesday 16th October and Thursday 17th October there are no after school clubs or after school care for children in Reception - Year 6.

'Progression through the Early Years’ workshop for current Second Steps parents will now be held on Tuesday 15th October at 8.40am.

School Council and Eco Club bake sale on Friday 18th October

FLU IMMUNISATION 6th NOVEMBER (Reception - Year 6 only) - thank you to all those that have submitted the flu immunisation forms. If you could return these to the office as soon as possible, even if you do not wish for your child to have the immunisation.

ISA Regional Swimming Gala

Many congratulations to those selected to represent the school at the swimming gala this week. The event is held in each region of the ISA and is a qualifying competition for the national event held at the London Olympic Pool in November. The standard is impressively high, with numerous club and national swimmers demonstrating their ability.

I was delighted to see our team compete with such determination, skill and confidence.

Social Media


There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Images from the week


I was very impressed with just how smart our children looked this morning, in addition to their broad smiles as they entered school. I would like to remind you that girls in Prep School should now be wearing the pink and white striped blouse and that the white blouse is no longer part of our uniform.

Games lessons for children in Reception to Year 6 will start next week at KGS Ditton Field, although the forecast looks to be good, will need maroon football socks and football boots for the term. The full uniform list can be found here.

We do also recognise that the black games shorts can be a little large for children in Reception who are joining us for our regular games lessons at the impressive Kingston Grammar School playing fields. Should you find this to be the case, they are very welcome to wear a plain black pair of shorts until such time they are able to fit the school shorts.

Lost Property

The following items are currently missing:

Ralph (Year 2) - Grey Jumper (unnamed)

Tania (Year 5) - black rain coat (named)

Gabriel (Year 5) - boot bag (named)

William (Second Steps) - black rain coat (unnamed)

Hashem Albarakati (Year 1) - blazer (named)

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