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We're not for everyone, just the right ones.

We are exclusive and Small

Since 2008, LeftFoot Coaching has been an exclusive coaching academy focused on making each individual player great. I work tirelessly with our clients to make sure they reach their goals. My clients usually stay with LeftFoot for years, not weeks, not a season. Years.

I've seen a lot of kids at U11 grow up, go to college, and come back to coach with me. Because of this relationship, I often don't have enough room in our facility to open up to new clients. In 2016, two of our very own Lefties, who've been with us since U11, were selected as Class A Ms. Soccer and Class AA Ms. Soccer. Most people would call that a success, but I've worked with more kids that were able to become more confident, love the game, and grow up to be great young adults that now pitch in at LeftFoot as coaches, training partners and assistants.

We are a seasonal program and have different opportunities throughout the year. As you come to us, things change with the season, but for those people who make private coaching a priority, we work.

Spring I - April & May

April 24th to May 25th we're in a Spring Privado™ Model. We have a smaller schedule, smaller classes and less options since we're at the end of the year. About 25% of our Academy students are actively attending sessions, as they are with their teams, in tournaments and traveling. The remaining students pre-book into five week private coaching in time slots that they pick with their coach. When you come in it's like coming to the last week of the semester and then signing up for finals during the summer. We start our learning in September, and intensively study through the summer to prep for next winter.

small groups, big field

How can you get involved?

To get the best option we recommend enrolling in either a package deal for evaluation, coaching and feedback, or taking a risk to get a single session and scheduling a la carte to get the coaching you want for your player.

It's not easy to get everything in between April and May, so choose wisely...

A: Academy Trial Application $147 : 4 sessions that EXPIRE in 5 Weeks, one coaching guidance program and one Membership Interview (on sale until May 5th)

B: Single Session + Single Coaching Guidance Call = $45 + $65 - 45 minute coaching session with less than 4 players, Sunday- Thursday. 30 minute coaching call scheduled with parent.

Get the right advice and programming once an evaluation is made

After an evaluation we can give you more feedback on what's right for your player and what options are best. You wouldn't wash your car and then get the tires changed, would you? So why sign up for a program without getting an evaluation?

Only available until May 25th.


We run specific summer course options in the summer between 7am through 3pm that limit our availability to run open classes and manage drop in schedules. Our clients and students have typically already enrolled in our limited sessions. Most options we have are for 16 players in each program time slot. Since we're not outside, in a dome and/or at a park with 22+ players, our programs sell out.

The Phenomenal FootSkills Accelerator is great introduction for new students!
June Performance Intensive has open enrollment for new students and is an option for players looking to get two weeks of intense development with the same coach.


Programming underway

twice a week workout in the afternoon - 9 weeks
twice a week morning workouts - 9 weeks
two week programs, one in June, the other in July

At this point we have very few options to get ready for high school tryouts or club since most of our summer programming enrolls in early April and May. We tend to work with our clients for over 6 weeks at a time, so if you're late to the party, there's no more good stuff. Check our summer page for openings and additional options.


Enrollment for our annual programming begins with an August 1st deadline for October enrollment in the new year. We will only accept 40 new students for the upcoming year since we have over 70 already enrolled through January 31st.

Next enrollment deadline is November 1st.
Tuition Enrollment
Coaching vs Training

What's the difference between coaching and training? Anyone can put a ball on the field and run a drill. Seriously, running soccer drills isn't hard, just lay down some cones throw a ball out and put on a uniform. Throw some scrimmage vests and some goals on the field and you can run a camp. That's training in Minnesota.

Coaching is different - you have to build trust between player, family and coach. A player has to trust that they can fail and risk falling down, so that a coach can pick them up, challenge them, push them and lift them up. A coach has to trust the parent to be all in financially and for a long term. You have to take risks with a player to challenge them to "do" and "be" different. The player needs to know that a coach has their best interests at heart, not a win, status, team or even the money. It just has to be an art. You can't coach for tomorrow or next week, or even just for tryouts. That's not coaching, that's training. So be clear about what you're looking for, because we are a coaching academy.

If that's what you're looking for then you found us. If you're looking to get ready for tryouts, then you're already too late. Your player is already behind. A coach would have told you that already. If you're looking for coaching, then that's why we're called LeftFoot Coaching Academy.

If you're just looking for something this summer, there's plenty of other programs out there running a tryout prep camp or something cheaper. Not us. That's not what we do or why we do what we do.

Skills take time, practice and trust.
It's not about how you get started, it's that you stay.

The young lady in the black shirt started with us at 13, as a first year college student studying Kinesiology, she's devoted a lot of time and energy to learning technique, coaching and inspiring others. The young girl in the purple started with us at age 9. At 14 her strike is as feared as her footskills.

Not to mention whatever she's doing with her leg.

Good luck on your journey maybe we'll ...

See you in the Academy,
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Christian Isquierdo


Lefties and the LeftFoot Coach

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