Learning Disabilities by madison,dale,austin

  • Dysgraphia is when a person has brain damage or they have brain disease.
  • Dysgraphia can make you write with a weird wrist or it makes your hand writing really bad
  • It includes inconsistent hand writing and illegible handwriting.
  • It also includes poor spelling It's hard to think and write at the same time
  • Some kids get dysgraphia bye poor parenting,head injuries,Video games

Watch this video for more information.

  • ADHD is a learning disability that keeps you active and very hyper.
  • With ADHD it is hard to pay attention.
  • ADHD starts in childhood and it can lead into adulthood.
  • Only 2 out of every 3 children with ADHD can lead into adulthood.
  • ADHD stands for attention deflect hyperactivity disorder.
  • It can cause low self-esteem,troubled relationships,and difficultly in school or work.
  • Ages affected:
  • 0-2 never
  • 3-5 commom
  • 6-13 very common
  • 14-18 very common
  • 41-60 common
  • It could occur by poor parenting, falls or head injuries, traumatic life events, digital distractions, video games and television, not getting enough physical activity, food additives, food allergies, and excess sugar
  • You can take medication to help you with ADHD.
  • There are a lot of famous people with ADHD
Simone biles has ADHD
Serena Williams had ADHD
Michael Phelps had ADHD
Albert Einstein had ADHD
Will smith had ADHD
Michael Jordan had ADHD
Jim carrey had ADHD
Sir Richard Branson had ADHD
Terry Bradshaw had ADHD
  • There aren't many famous people with dysgraphia.

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