2020 Louisiana Cypress Swamps Photo Excursion By Wild Louisiana Tours

2020 Cypress Swamps Photo Excursions

Fall Weekender: Nov 12 - 15, 2020

Fall Full Excursion Nov 12 - 19, 2020

This year we are offering a 3-day "weekender" package as well as a week long intensive photo excursion full package!

Why Choose Wild Louisiana Tours?

"Clients enjoy the peacefulness shooting in kayak in the swamp"

Wild Louisiana Tours has been the premiere swamp kayaking outfitter in Louisiana for over 6 years. Unlike many other photo workshop outfitters, Wild Louisiana Tours and its workshop leaders are from Louisiana. People have slowly started to recognize the Louisiana swamps for their ecological significance and photographic beauty. We have explored the state from top to bottom, photographed it in all seasons of the year and in all the weather conditions you could imagine. Because photo trips like this have locked in dates, you can not always rely on weather to cooperate. Having a strong local knowledge of the area, can make or break a good photo trip. It is important to have many different locations to choose from so your locations aren't limited by rain, strong winds, and other weather conditions. This is where Wild Louisiana Tours stands out among other photo workshops. We have the knowledge needed to make adjustments depending on what mother nature throws at us. We have the equipment needed to make adjustments and the experience of where to go when. We have a long list of photo locations compiled over the years, 4x4 vehicles, and local knowledge of the waterways. We are not simply a photographer who hires a boat to put you in. We are a team of experts and experienced outdoors people.

We Do the Heavy Lifting So You Can Focus On Photography

Because Wild Louisiana Tours is a full service outdoor outfitter, we understand what is needed to have an efficient and effective day on the water. The hardest part of photographing the scenery of Louisiana is the learning curve involved with getting expensive camera equipment into the right place at the right time. We understand that not everyone is experienced transporting kayaks and unloading them on and off of vehicles. This is why we take care of all of the logistics for you. Every morning and afternoon that we shoot, we will be ready with your kayaks and equipment for you to start your shoot. You show up and we get you accommodated and comfortable and ready to shoot. This makes your day easier and more focused on the images you want to get.

"Guests shooting from kayaks and small boats."

In addition to suppling you with all the necessary gear and instructions, transportation services are offered and you don't have to rent your own vehicles or transport your own kayaks if you use our shuttle. Being that we transport kayaks and people in our own vehicles and trailers, it takes even more of the expense and work off of our clients. This also allows us the flexibility to change to a numerous amount of locations, and get to locations more remote and hard to find than the average vehicle can get to.

"Beautiful Light"

Meet Your Guides

I look forward to sharing the cypress swamps of Louisiana with you!

Joshua Hermann

Josh is a native of Louisiana. He grew up in the outdoors from an early age, exploring the wetlands of South Louisiana. He has dedicated his business to sharing the beauty of the Louisiana wetlands with clients all across the globe. Because Josh was born and bread in Louisiana, he can share not only his passion for the outdoors, but his knowledge of the local culture with guests on his tours. If you want recommendations on where to explore during your stay, he can recommend numerous music venues, bars, and restaurants that are "off the beaten path." While on this 3 day photo excursion, you will learn numerous facts about Native American, cajun, and local cultures. Wildlife, logging, and other historical information he shares will add to your trip as a whole. This is not only a photo workshop, but an informative history and nature tour.

Joshua Hermann Fine Art Photography

Documenting this unique eco system throughout the different seasons allows me to value and understand the swamp and the life in it.

Julie Verlinden

Julie's love for photography started during her travels in Australia and New Zealand. The landscapes and wildlife there were so vastly different to her native country Belgium, and the experience motivated her to master the use of her camera. Throughout the years she educated herself as a documentary style photographer, and ended up moving from Belgium to New Orleans, Louisiana. Documenting weddings and families in the city connects her to the people and the unique culture New Orleans has to offer. As a tour guide for Wild Louisiana Tours she has been studying and photographing the Louisiana swamps and this is where her love for the outdoors, reptiles and birds, in addition to her passion for photography all come together.

"Documenting this unique eco system throughout the different seasons allows me to value and understand the swamp and the life in it. Revisiting this same area so often and experiencing it at different times of the day and year, teaches me more every time. The light and colors change the landscape all the time and is always inspiring. I find it incredibly intriguing to explore this area, capture the timelessness it seems to have, and to realize that until not too long ago, most of the land we now know as the city of New Orleans consisted of marshes and Cypress forest. I believe I photograph these landscapes in a not so different way than how I document families in the city. By observing, letting the story unfold, and capturing what is there without interring or disturbing.Our tours are based on the same principle where we treat the swamp with respect, and observe to learn, without disturbing or damaging the trees, plants or wildlife out there."

Julie uses a Canon 5D III with a variety of lenses and likes to challenge herself by sometimes using lenses or techniques that are slightly less typical for landscape photography. She also brings her Polaroid 680S out to the swamp on occasion but believes the best camera is the one in your hand.

Trip Itinerary

"Some of the oldest trees in Louisiana"

Getting There:

We will have a shuttle leaving New Orleans on the Thursday before the trip. All guests are welcome to utilize our shuttle service for the entirety of the trip for a $200 USD shuttle fee. You are also welcome to use your own vehicle. On Thursday at 5pm we will have a meet and great at our home base of the Cypress Hotel. If you have your own transportation and don't purchase our lodging option, you can utilize many of the numerous lodging options available in the area. There are also campgrounds nearby. If you have questions about lodging, please feel free to give us a call for recommendations. (985) 205-1527.

Daily Schedule:

Each morning we will get up before sunrise and drive to our photo location. After our morning session, we will meet for photo critiques, lunch, and midday relaxation. You can relax in the comfort of your own room if you prefer. We will then head out for our afternoon shoot. Each day we will assess the weather conditions, talk with tour guests about their interests, and decide on the best option for where to shoot that day.

Heading North

After spending three days shooting in south Louisiana in the ancient old growth forests, we will head north to take advantage of some of the rich red and orange colors that occur further north. We will be spending the rest of our time here, staying in cabins and shooting daily.

North Louisiana Has some of the best fall colors


On Thursday morning after our final sunrise photo shoot we will have one final critique and then our shuttle will depart for New Orleans.

Amazing sites around every turn.

What is Included?

  • Photo Tour Guide
  • All Kayaks and on the water equipment
  • Transportation to and from New Orleans (if purchased)
  • Hotel and cabin accommodations
  • Daily Transportation to and from lodging and photo locations (if purchased/needed)
  • Daily food and beverages (No restaurant food or beverages are included)
  • Photo critique and class time
  • On the water photo instruction
Great for panoramic photos

What is Not Included?

  • Airfare
  • Trip cancelation insurance
  • Rental cars if you drive yourself
  • Photography equipment
  • Waders, clothes, and other personal gear
  • Gratuity and tips for guides
The magic cypress tree

Booking Process


  • Weekender $1695 USD per person
  • Full Week Excursion $3000 USD per person
  • Weekender $500 Deposit required to reserve spot
  • Full Week Excursion $795 Deposit required to reserve spot
  • Remaining balance due 90 days before trip
  • Full excursion transportation $200 USD


  • You can book online here: 2020 Fall Cypress Photo Excursion
  • Once you book you will receive a confirmation email with all pertinent information
  • Please email for additional inquiries: wildlouisianatours@gmail.com


  • We recommend purchasing trip insurance incase you need to cancel.
  • Initial deposit is kept if cancellation is made.
  • We do not cancel for bad weather, we will find places to shoot and get out of the weather.
  • If our minim group size is not met 3 months before trip date, we reserve the right to cancel.
  • If the trip is canceled a full refund will be issued
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