US Youth Coaches Institute

Youth sport coaches often have long lasting impressions on the lives of children. The Aspen Institute’s Project Play: Reimagining Youth Sports in America that was released in 2015, it reported that of the 6.5 million youth coaches, fewer than 1 in 5 were properly trained. “Far too often these days, inadequately trained coaches are making decisions that compromise the integrity of the game in order to “earn” a trophy.

US Youth Coaches Institute, a newly formed non-profit group, is committed to providing proper training for youth coaches across the nation.

Our mission is to help provide a means to allow coaches be trained and supported to provide the young athletes’ a positive experience where they can grow as a child through sport and continue that experience in through their teens and into adulthood.

The US Youth Coaches Institute believes that the representing clubs and organizations provide the majority of the funding for training and education for coaches to, again, encourage more coaches to expand their horizons and to remain coaches. Additional funding or equipment donations will be accepted. We are also pitching that the coaches get training on encouraging youth on skills that they need to develop and when they master these skills that they get praise.

The US Youth Coaches Institute images that instead of sports being coach oriented, it should be oriented on the athletes. So, the athlete themselves can be developed, they are the ones consuming the sport and sport products. The coaches also can implement in the youth that sports are supposed to be competitive, but also be fun at grass root level. At the end of the day the athletes need to know that while it is okay to lose and have fun, the end goal is to win and have fun.

By creating positive atmospheres by enforcing self-confidence and positive reinforcement, we can help to keep more kids, not just the most talented kids, in youth athletics. By doing these things the kids would more likely to stay in youth sports and go on to have an active lifestyle.

The US Youth Coaches Institute foundation is deeply rooted in youth sports. We firmly believe that youth sports is a monumental moment in shaping the lives of young adults.

We aim to give coaches training opportunities multiple times a year. We will offer training before the season starts, mid way through the season, end of the season and periodically throughout the off season. Coaches will be offered incentive based rewards for educating themselves further and raising their level of coaching. These youths rely on sports to help make their young life enjoyable, not to make it more stressful, by encouraging coaches to attend more training than is required, the US Youth Coaches Institute is helping to ensure that youth sports is a positive and rewarding experience for all participants.
Each coach will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in the areas of tactical knowledge, technical knowledge, demeanor, conduct, and positivity. During the mid-season coaches training session, the coaches will get the parent feedback evaluation cards that they filled out prior to the meeting. All feedback is anonymous, the coaches will receive their feedback cards with their average ratings in each respective category, the coach will also receive written recommendations on strategies to improve their coaching, as well as recommended course to take based on their deficiencies. We will call the process we use Pre-Mid-End-Post (PMEP).


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