Australia: Virtual Isolation Max Antonio

Unlike most countries, Australia stands alone and is isolated from the world. The aboriginals, the people of australia, developed differently than the rest of the world due to the geographic of Australia. Like other cultures, the Australian people also had ceremonies with music and dancing. Unfortunately, today only 2% of Australia's total population includes Aboriginals.

The aboriginals are said to have gone to Australia around 45 thousand years ago. To survive, the majority of aboriginals stayed on the coast but moved depending on the season. There is evidence that shows that the aboriginals were ale to maintain a supply of food by bringing yams into their gardens. Also, the aboriginals who lived in the desert survived by hunting and gathering and flavoring their food with the plants they grew.

Unfortunately, many of the Australian people were killed when British invaded. This happened in 1788 and the British brought in about 1500 people on 11 different ships. This invasion cause the aboriginals to lose a lot of their land and had an everlasting impact on the aboriginal people.


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