In Harm's Way By Strung Out

Another Day In Paradise

1994 | Punk

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"We won't survive, this road to power led by all your kings. -- It’s time to wake up and take back what you have lost. -- And when it all falls from this malady spread from within like the fall of Rome. -- It’s happened once before, my friend, well here it comes again."


  • Another Day in Paradise is Strung Out's debut album with Fat Wreck Chords.
  • The lyrics on this particular song were written by the bands original bassist Jim Cherry.


Luke Tatum

Ah, the empty promises of politicians. How easy it seems to be to promise everything everyone, only to disappoint on all accounts. Even when using stolen money. There's definitely something wrong with all of this, and as long as we believe the lies, it will never stop. I'm not particularly fond of people who just say "WAKE UP!" all the time, but come on now. We've got to encourage awareness, to use a slightly nicer way of saying it. Otherwise, "we won't survive, this road to power led by all your kings."

Sherry Voluntary

I’m not to keen on this one. While I also believe Corporatism, Cronyism, Consumerism, and Statism are all bad things, if your teeth are rotting out of your head, that is a personal issue that has nothing to do with The State. Contrary to what the perception of me may be, there are some things I don’t believe government is responsible for. I think what really clinched it for me was the line “We're the ones that put you there, buddy you've got promises to keep.” This is the basic mindset of every statist out there. The idea that majorities determine legitimate authority in and over the lives of everyone is moronic and diabolical. Even worse though, is knowing politicians lie, cheat, and steal, but then telling them that the consequence for that they need to keep their promises. Huh? It’s like telling your accountant you know they’ve been cheating you, but this time they need to be honest. No one would do that in their own lives, but people seem to lose all sense of reason when it comes to government. There is no magic that makes a system of coercion and violence ok. Just like a solid house cannot be laid on a poor foundation, virtue cannot be built on top of evil. All in all this song is more like the tantrum of a child who didn’t get their way than an actual call to freedom.

Nicky P

I love working with Sherry because she's no bullshit about her takes. I love Strung Out for many reasons, not least of which is the aggression they put into questioning the political aparatus. There's even a list of things that we can all get behind that we see as a problem that the song calls out. Then at some point, and i suspect dude to any conception of economics. punk rock goes full bore licking boots as long as its good guy boots. I have been asking for years since I got involved how people like Bernie Sanders or Jim Cherry in this song can see the issues and misdiagnose the problem so badly. I have long since parted ways with anything resembling a punk scene because the disdain for authority proved over time like so much else in that scene to be fashion.The thing I will point out, and the reason that I still wanted this song here is because it without question keeps that flame of rage at those in power burning. With any luck the longer they hold that torch they can find their way out of the darkness like myself. For me this song is a prayer to all my friends who bought the anti-authority ticket and got the statist tour instead.

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Nicky P

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