Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Look at me I’m going to BIG school – Kindergarten Orientation commences

Kindergarten Orientation commenced yesterday for our 2021 Kindergarten children. These children will attend orientation sessions for two weeks. The purpose of our orientation program is to provide an opportunity for children entering Kindergarten to settle into the routines of school and become familiar with the school environment.

2021 Enrolment Intentions -Repeat

We are currently in the process of planning for 2021. This includes the large task of determining staffing, classes, the location of each class in the school and the learning programs that will run next year. To complete this process, it is essential that we have accurate enrolment numbers. Please email the office as a matter of urgency if your child is not returning to Anzac Park for the 2021 school year.

Student Reports

Our Semester 2 assessment and reporting period is well underway with classroom teachers working hard behind the scenes to assess student progress this semester. The results of these assessments will be communicated to parents in our Semester 2 reports which will be available through the Sentral Parent Portal on Monday 14 December. This end-of-year report is part of the ongoing communication program between parents/caregivers and the school. Please check your Sentral Parent Portal access over the coming weeks so that you are able to download your child's report when they are available on 14 December. If you have any questions regarding the Sentral Parent Portal, please email our admin team at anzacpark-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Parent Community Forum

We are now in the process of formulating a new 2021-2024 School Plan. This is an exciting time when we can think carefully about the future of our school and what we want our school to be like moving into the future. I would like to invite you to participate in a Community Planning Forum which will focus on discussing and setting a vision for our school moving into the future.

The discussion will focus on the big picture goals we have for young people in Australia and the crucial role we have as a school in shaping a successful future for your children. The forum will ask participants to consider what you most wish for your children in the future and how we as a school can provide the best possible education to achieve these goals. The forum will be an opportunity to discuss the main priorities for our school as we build on our successes, set improvement targets and ensure we are providing an outstanding educational experience for the children in our care – now and into the future.

The forum will be held on Wednesday 11 November at 6.30pm and will be held via Zoom. Please email Mrs Amy Sackville at amy.rogers9@det.nsw.edu.au if you are interested in the planned Community Forum by Monday 9 November. We are looking forward to your feedback, opinions and creative ideas.

News From STEAM with Mr Burfoot

Steam String Art Projects

Finalists of the String Art projects created by Stage 2 and Caribbean students during STEAM in Term 3, are presented in the office foyer. Over 200 students participated in this inaugural STEAM unit, which focussed on creating hands-on art using low-tech equipment such as hand tools. Students also discovered the Spirograph and the illusion of the curve stitch to inspire their string art. We now have the best-of-the-best protected and preserved in the glass cabinet. Mr Burfoot said the students were very brave using a hammer and nails for the first time. He recalled doing such projects in high school, and was amazed at the ability, creativity and perseverance of our much younger students.

From The Library

Directions in Music 2021

Children who have an opportunity to learn to play an instrument are rewarded in so many ways. Learning an instrument enhances coordination and encourages self expression. Engagement in music lessons can boost self esteem and confidence whilst also teaching a child patience and responsibility. A school band experience can foster a social and fun environment where kids can develop teamwork skills and form friendships. Music can be relaxing for kids and build both imaginative and intellectual curiosity. We are so proud of our Anzac Park band and strings program and our current band members. Directions in Music are excited to work with us to deliver a high quality school band program. We look forward to 2021 and hope to see your children at future band rehearsals!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the 2021 Anzac Park Band and strings program please scan the QR code to register online. You can also contact Directions in Music on ph 9662 2211.

Get involved in the classroom in 2021 – become an Ethics Teacher!

The Anzac Park Ethics program builds the critical reasoning ability of our students, helping them to come to a deep understanding of their own values. Students learn how to think through different issues and identify strong and weak arguments. At Anzac Park, we have one of the largest ethics programs in the state, supported by a fantastic team of volunteer teachers including parents, grandparents and community volunteers.

So that we can continue to offer ethics classes to all families who request them, we are looking for a number of new volunteer teachers to join the program in 2021. Teaching Ethics is a great way to get involved in the classroom and support the school. It could also help you to develop your own thinking, reasoning and facilitation skills!

Volunteers don't need previous teaching experience or a background in philosophy or ethics. You receive full training and a fully prepared lesson each week. An APPS teacher is also present in each class for additional support. Classes are discussion based, so more teachers means smaller classes and a much greater chance for your child to fully participate in the lesson. Classes run every Tuesday.

If teaching ethics is a possibility for you, or someone you know (we’d love to hear from some grandparents or 2021 kindy parents!), please email apps.ethics@gmail.com or call our Ethics Coordinator, Cathy Chase on 0414 784 272.

P&C Update

Envirobank Reminder - The P&C is still looking for an Envirobank coordinator to manage the monthly collections. If you are available the first Thursday morning of every month and willing to help please let us know - anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

Congratulations to our Silver & Gold Award Recipients!

Silver Awards are presented to students when they have received 3 Bronze Awards. Make sure you keep your child’s Bronze Awards safe and when they have collected 3, bring them into the office. Gold awards are presented to students when they have received 3 Silver Awards.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 10 November P&C Meeting @ 7pm
Wednesday 11 November Parent Forum @ 6.30pm
Wednesday 11 November Kindergarten Orientation Session 2
Wednesday 11 November Remembrance Day
Monday 16 November / Friday 20 November / Tuesday 24 November Year 2 Excursion
Monday 16 November / Friday 20 November Year 1 Incursion
Wednesday 18 November OC Test Yr 4
Thursday 19 November Stage 3 Surf School
23 November - 25 November Stage 3 Camp
Thursday 26 November / Friday 27 November Kindergarten Excursion