Dear parents/carers,

I hope this finds you all safe and well. January and the recent lockdown has been a huge challenge for our school community. Despite this, I have been so impressed with how staff, parents and pupils have adapted and responded to our online learning platform. At HCPS, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of teaching innovation, and I believe that our live teaching, combined with SEE SAW gives our pupils the best possible chance of minimising any disruption to learning. We have also made sure that our digitally disadvantaged families have had access to the technology they need to continue learning from home. We will update you as soon as here any further guidance from the government, but for now, keep up the hard work and stay safe.

Mr F


Any Pupils that have been awarded the Local Authority Free School Meal Grant will receive vouchers from our provider, Wande, via email. PLEASE NOTE, if you know that you should receive these vouchers and are not receiving them, you need to contact school. It is also important to keep us up to date with any new contact information that you may get, whether this is an email address, home address or telephone number.

Local Authority Free School Meals Grant- This is a scheme of funding that is awarded by Barnsley Council. In order to receive this grant, you must have completed an application form and submitted it to the council. If you think that you may be eligible for this grant, please refer to the Barnsley Council website for more information and to find the application form.


Universal Free School Meals Grant- The Universal Free School Meals Grant is scheme of funding that has been set up by the Department of Education. This scheme enables ALL CHILDREN that are in years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, to receive free school meals. If your child receive Universal free school meals, you are NOT entitled to the Free School Meals Vouchers that are being sent out by the Local Authority.


In order to assess our Online Learning provision, we have sent out a Parent Questionnaire for all parents/guardians to complete. The questionnaire is an opportunity for parents to leave any feedback on the online learning that school is providing.

The questionnaire has been set up on Microsoft Forms. Some parents have been having issues with accessing the Form, so here are some tips when opening the link.

The link that is attached below should take you directly too the Microsoft Form, however, if it doesn't, it may ask you to log in to Microsoft Office. If this message does appear, then you need to use YOUR CHILD'S email address. This is the email address that we have provided your child for Teams. All email addresses for children are their first name, a full stop '.' and their surname. For example- joe.bloggs@hcacademytrust.education. This email address was sent out to all parents in October 2019. However, if you need them resending, please contact the school office and we can resend them to you.


If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact the school office.


Please see below the link which outlines in detail our remote learning offer for our pupils during the current lockdown.

Over the last three weeks pupils at HCPS have accessed remote education, the school prides itself on its ability to continue to deliver high quality teaching and learning online during these difficult circumstances. Two platforms are currently been used to deliver online education. Microsoft Teams allows children to access four live sessions from their class teacher each day, and Seesaw, which has been well embedded in practice over several years at the school, is used for children to complete follow up tasks linked to the live sessions. Teachers are able to engage children in the live sessions and then offer further feedback on seesaw to further support learning. The school continues to operate for key worker and vulnerable pupils who also have access to the same learning provision as those pupils working at home. We have seen huge successes so far and we are extremely proud of the adaptability and resilience of pupils, parents and teachers.



February hALF tERM

The School will close for half term on Friday 12th February, we will be closed for one week, all pupils must stay at home. PLEASE NOTE THAT MONDAY 22ND FEBRUARY IS AN INSET DAY, SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL PUPILS ON THIS DAY. School will open back up to pupils on Tuesday 23rd February.


This amazing drone picture was sent in by one of our parents!
A beautiful Snow Day Picture from one of our families!
A beautiful Snow Day Picture from one of our families!

It was amazing to see all of your amazing Snow Tasks and Snow Day pictures! It looked like all of you had a magical day.

Times Table Rock Stars!

Everyone looked amazing dressed as Rock Stars!

M&S Food ideas


Our Nursery Children have been creating their own dinosaurs!
Ruby produced some amazing work on Queen Victoria!
Y4 PE sessions with Mrs Berry!
Y4 PE sessions with Mrs Berry!
The Y5/Y6 children loved doing their Jump Start Jonny Session!


Miss Younger's Nursery children have loved their dinosaur topic.
Miss Younger's Nursery children have loved their dinosaur topic.
Mr Clare's class have looked at the Vikings for their topic.
Mr Clare's class have looked at the Vikings for their topic.
Y3 Seesaw Work.
Y3 Seesaw Work.
Y3 Seesaw Work.
Miss Murphy's class have produced some amazing work!
Miss Murphy's class have produced some amazing work!
Y4 Maths Work
Y4 Literacy Work.
Parneet's beautiful colouring!
Y5 Seesaw Work.
Y5 Seesaw Work.
Y5 Seesaw Work.