Weaponry advancements In WW1


Vickers Machine gun was originally for the British. Later everyone used it alittle. It took a group of six men to operate this machine. One had to feed ammo to the gun while the other fired it. Everyone else help carry it. It later was mounted onto airplanes too.
M1917 Browning Machine Gun Is an American Gun. Like the Vickers It was mounted on planes, ground and jeeps. It was water cooled. But it was only used for two months due to a back plate needing frequent repairs.
Mustard gas was a big game changer. It affected the eyes, throat, nose, and lungs. It made it so you would have to have a gas mask by you at all time. With a big bulky mask on It would be extremely hard to aim your gun or fight back. It can cause Nerve damage and even cancer. So when the gas came their wasn't much you could do but wait it out.
These new weapons changed the war and the way People fought. Gas made it so much more difficult to fight. Gas masks back then also weren't very good. They often broke or cracked. Rapid fire weapons gave a huge advantage to playing defense in the war. It allowed someone to shoot rapidly instead of using a bolt action rifle. Imagine bullets flying past you from every direction and then trying to shoot them with one shoot.
Weapons and tactics have come a long way in advancements. Now we have assault rifles with flash lights and lasers compared to a long bolt action rifle with maybe six shots.

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