Water Scarcity in MOROCCO MorOcco • Lilli • miss yoE

Economic Water Scarcity Is when the government or ruler can't afford to get water for his land.

Physical water scarcity is when there is purely no water and when our earth can't produce enough water to meet demand.


In Morocco water scarcity is caused by culture, technology and environment. In Africa places don't have a lot of money to afford technology that will clean their water. There is not enough water in Morocco as it has 6.3 percent of our worlds population. It is in their culture to have lots of kids which leads their population to grow plus it is a dry country and is very hot.

By looking at this map you can tell that Marrakesh and all the other regions in the dark orange have the highest population in Morocco.
This climate graph tells us that the rainfall in Morocco gets quite low meanwhilst it is very hot and reaching almost 28 degrees.

After looking at all of these diagrams and graphs we can say that Morocco has low rainfall and high temperatures.

I apologise for the photo quality as it would not load.

Impacts water scarcity is creating

. The impacts that water scarcity is creating are really big, it's stopping children from going to school and to be healthy and safe. People are getting disease' that is causing them to die.


The environment effects the availability of water because of its harsh weather and low rainfall.

People are having to manually collect water by walking long distances twice a day to a well, but recently they're collecting water with fog nets. As the fog dropes past the nets the nets collect tiny little droplets and harvest it into water. It is supplying water to 92 families or 400 people. Fog in Morocco is caused by their natural phenomena.

80% of Morocco's water is going towards agriculture and only 20% is going towards household needs. It is not helping that there is pollution in there water so the water quality is deteriorating.

Morocco is also turning to the sea, they will desalinate. In 1995 they started building and growing deselanation plants. At the moment there are 15 dams under construction. They are also thinking about treating wastewater which means they will de-contaminate dirty water.

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