My Trip to the Harn Museum Another SPIRITUAL Journey

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

A piece of artwork that I saw at the Harn Museum was “Face mask (deangle) and it is a face mask used by the Don people in ceremonies as part of young boy’s initiation ceremony into society. Seeing the facemask in person help me to better appreciate the facemask because I could appreciate the detail involved with making the mask; The facemask was very intricate in the sense that that would, cloth, cowrie shells, beads, and different color pigments all had to be meticulously woven to make the mask. What I appreciate it was that this mask isn't what one would typically consider being “fine art”. What the facemask communicated to me was that art can come in many forms; although I may not have initially considered it to be a piece of art, after looking at it and noticing the detail involved in making the mask, it is obvious to me now or can be found in many forms. The artwork made me feel as though I'm not too cultured, that I have much to see in the world. And I hope that one day I appreciate the use of this African facemask in person

Design of the Museum

The exhibit that I particularly appreciated most, was the Latin American exhibit. Do you know where you come from? I come from a Latin background my mother is from Costa Rica, my father's parents are from Mexico, so to see an artist that comes from similar backgrounds as myself is encouraging. Therefore, I took the greatest pleasure in scrolling through the Latin American exhibit. The exhibit was arranged in a form that placed three artworks in the middle while placing the paintings on the outside; this arrangement helps me to see and appreciate all of the artworks. The lighting was also part of what made Latin American exhibit better, it was warm and it made me feel like I was in parts of Latin America and in Central America, it was like I was experiencing what the artist must have been feeling while creating the artwork!

SO Cool!

Art and Core Value

The piece of art that really hit a chord with my core values was the poster by gorilla girls. “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?” This is what the poster read, also on the poster was “less than 4% of the artist in the modern Art sections are women, but 76% of the nudes or female.” Systematic sexism. It is disgraceful how only 4% of the artist in 2001 in modern Art sections were women; I am a firm believer are in equal rights for everyone. Although this is not what someone would typically consider being a form of art it is important to recognize the social impact that such a piece, a poster, can have. Through this piece of ‘art’, it further supports my own beliefs. The emotion that elicits is anger and resent at the system, it also makes me reflect on how should do my part in helping women gain equal pay and recognition.

Down right disgusting!! THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN

Art and the Good Life

Again, the poster by Gorilla Girls helps me think about what the good life is to me, and the theme that I generate from this poster is the theme of community and self. What can I do to further help Society progress? One of the questions that the poster makes me think about. The Good Life theme that I depict from the art is how I contribute to my community. This artist that made the poster had the intention of having a positive impact upon society. Adds to my understanding of the theme because it is a direct action of what we learned in class. Often, we learn of how people experience community however the poster is an example of how a person an artist can bring to light a serious social issue.

Real deep. Love how the Harn put a huge mirror inside the exhibit; "You are the true work of ART!" Inspirational!

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